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Grump the Vile

There once was a lady that fancied a young dwarf. The lady was ugly to the point of being hideous to all that viewed her. And yet, she still wanted the boy. Chase him and pursue him, she did with great effort. Presence and gifts she did give, promises and lies she did tell. But none would sway the young dwarf from his one true love. At last, the horrid lady gave up, hurt and angry; she left the small town.

One day many months later, a stunning woman rode into town. No one in the town, whether male or female, could resist her charm. Some she met the young dwarf and his soon to be wife at the town market. She smiled and approached. They talked for a moment, and the two felt warm and happy inside as though they were lying by a crackling fire on a cold winter night.

Then the beautiful woman took out a small dagger and gave it to the young female dwarf. Stab him, she commanded, and she did. Plunging the blade into the Young dwarf's heart. The beautiful woman then was not so attractive anymore. The young dwarf recognized her, for she was the horrid lady that had left months ago.

The horrid lady cacked at what she had done and attacked the female dwarf killing her on the spot with one strike. In through the mouth and out the back went the small thin blade. In a flurry, she killed all in the small village leaving only the young dwarf dying in the village market. As she left, say hello to Myrkul the Reaper when you see him, cackling with glee as she skipped like a young child out of town. The light slowly faded from the young dwarf's eyes as the reaper took hold of his soul.

Sometime a few days later, the young dwarf awoke. Looking around, he choked on the smell of death rising from the dead. The memory of what she had done returned, and the realization that he had agreed to return and serve Jergal, The Lord of the End of Everything. He felt his heart change and knew he now had a Heart of Darkness. His face was hallowed, and the pain in his eyes clearly indicated nothing could soothe the sorrow in his heart. He now wanders the land taking work where he can. All the while trying to find that hideous lady and punish her for what she had done.

~All who stand in his way beware for the reaper follows him and with but a touch of his hand he can introduce you to Jergal, The Lord of the End of Everything for he and death are now fast friends~

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