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C9 ~Blood will run; catch it if you can

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

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Jen focused for a second to help control the rage that she felt inside her, remembering what the older man had told her. "Unbridled and uncontrolled rage can be powerful, but it will drain you quickly, and this fight is not about overpowering your opponent. It is about staying alive and lasting longer than your opponent."

Getting up, she stood there seething with rage, waves of energy washed out from her, so much so that the air around her was even noticeably warmer. Stuff in the room rippled slightly as the energy waves crashed over them. She was ready for this thing, this abominable foul thing. She would destroy it. All of the pain and suffering it had inflicted already had to mean something. There had to be an end to this, and it was going to be tonight.

Then It was time; Her eyes snapped open and locked onto the grandfather clock as its midnight chime ended, and the second hand snapped to one-minute after. A Cloud of vapor started to form in front of the clock, and cold radiated out from it. Within a few seconds, the shape of the eyeless figure known as a Changeling appeared. It seemed bigger than she remembered, but that didn't matter right now as it was all she could do to stop herself from charging forward. She wanted to attack it and tear its arms off, then beat it to death with its arms; Jen reminded herself that it would not kill it. But she still thought it would be fun, and she snickered to herself; the power radiating from her inner core was so immense it felt like she could take anything on at this moment.

"BlockTrouth" She snapped, and her psychic shield appeared on her left arm this time though she had fully formed her guard. The changeling roared with laughter, "You think that little pink guard will stop me? I will crush you like the ant that you are, shield or no shield." Jen growled, attempting to control her rage as much as possible "We, Shall, See!" The changeling roared with laughter again.

The eyeless figure held his hands out one at a time and snapped them open fully; as each hand reached fully open, the human-looking nails on its hands turned into 2-Inch-long black claws, reinforced and very sharp looking. "I will shred your body; then, once you are weak and dying, I will wipe your mind. Then in full control of your body, I will use it as I please. Your flesh will rot away slowly; once it has fully rotted, I will be free again. Just so you are aware before that happens, I will find your mom and Kent, using your body, I will torture them to death, and all the while, they will think it is you hurting them."

Pink Bolt

Jen Raised her shield to her chin, and with her right hand, she made a fist focusing rage into her right hand, making it glow; she then punched toward the changeling, and a bolt of pink psychic energy went flying at the creature. Roaring with laughter that he had provoked her, the changeling took a step back and slapped the psychic bolt aside with the back of his now seemingly much larger hand and charged forwards. Jen started launching hundreds of psychic bolts one after another as fast as she could. This slowed the changeling's progress forward, but it was still gaining ground step by step, bit by bit closing in.

The older man said what sounded like inside of Jen's head. "Jen, what are you doing? It would be best if you were defending, not attacking. Remember this is a fight where you must outlast the opponent, not beat them." Jen was frightened; she knew that she was spending entirely too much power on these attacks and would run out soon, but if she stopped. Jen stopped firing and jumped to the side. The changeling jumped at the opportunity; in a flash, it was on her despite the dodge. Swinging them razor-sharp claws at her.

Raising the shield and focused as each hit as it came in then skated and screeched its way off the shield-like nails on a chalkboard. Angered, the changeling altered his right arm's length and swung it around farther to Jen's left side before bringing it in for an attack. Jen turned to block this new angle, and at that instant, the changeling struck with his left hand; Jen saw the attack coming right before it connected, and she screamed inside her head; there was no way she could avoid the left arm.

His left hand's claws connected only about an eighth of an inch below Jen's right eye. Shredding down and back along her cheek, Jen pushed left while screaming out in pain from the attack and into the attack hitting the shield from the other side and tearing out, disconnecting the claws that were shredding the right side of her face. Luckily, her fast reaction had stopped the nails before getting to her throat area.

Jen stumbled backward a few steps gasping for air due to the pain, steadying herself against the wall. The changeling took the opportunity to laugh at her. Blood ran freely down the right side of her face and was already starting to soak the right side of her shirt. Wincing in pain and seeing so much blood, Jen began feeling slightly dizzy and unsteady. Her vision swam, and the walls seemed to breathe.

The changeling said, would you like to take a break? How about some tea and a biscuit? Or maybe you would like a warm towel for your neck? Bursting out in a ruckus of laughter that rocked the house. Jen holding the gashes on her face, glowered at him, seething with rage.

In an instant, the changeling stopped laughing and charged, releasing a flurry of attacks with both arms. Jen blocked every slash, but as time went on, she became slower, and the changeling did not. Bit by bit, he got a hit in here and a gash in there. Jen's arms were bleeding freely now, and she had multiple wounds on her legs and sides.

The enormous amount of pain was almost overwhelming. Then it happened, the changeling altered the length of one arm and caught the edge of Jens shield, Tearing it out wide. Pain shot up and down her shield arm, and for a second, she thought that he had broken her arm. But that was of no concern, just a fraction of a second later. The changeling raked her chest, repeatedly shredding down left, right; her shirt and most of her chest area were obliterated in a matter of seconds from just one slip, only one moment of weakness.

Jen screeched and writhed back in agony, falling back and trying to cover herself, protecting her wounded regions. But she was too slow and tired from enduring the onslaught. The changeling came on even faster now; It seemed as though he was unbeatable. How could this have happened? Just minutes ago, she was so strong, and now she could feel the life seeping out of her every second that passed. Jen was down on her right knee, holding her shield with both arms above her head. Blow after blow landed on the shield, and slowly the shield began to shake as she weakened. She had no rage left, only weakness and exhaustion. Tears began to flow from her eyes and burned as they met the raw and bleeding wounds on her cheeks.

The changeling's attacks were all coming from overhead, pounding on Jen's shield as though it was trying to beat her into the ground as you would do to a fence post. And so that's where Jen's shield was when the changeling's right hand, instead of clawing/smashing down on the shield it rolled right off the bottom edge. Jen did not even notice that it had happened until her shield was yanked up. Before she could even react, the changeling punched in with both of his big hands. With his fingers and nails outstretched, the long black nails sank deep into her already bloodied chest.


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