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C6 ~A Stranger In The Night

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

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"MOM!" Jen cried out, sitting up, "mom? Is that you?" Jen said, softer this time, but there was no reply. Jen Sat there looking around the room, "Burrr!! It's Cold in here." Jen said out loud, pulling the covers up around her neck. "KENT?!", "Are you there?"... nothing, the house was eerily silent, dark and cold. Jen always hated the night in this house, wrapping the blankets around her shoulders and pulled them tight.

She could have sworn someone had walked by the couch and woken her, but there was no one here, and she had to pee BAD, dancing with her legs held shut as much as she could manage while still walking on the cold wood floor she made her way to the bathroom. Relieving herself seemed to let out what warmth she had, and now everything seemed even colder than before. Shivering, she rubbed her arms, thinking to herself if Kent were here, he would say she had "goose pimples." She always thought that was a gross name for them, seeing as they have pimples in it. Such an awful name, she thought to herself, shivering as another wave of cold washed over her.

"What time is it anyway?" She thought as she finished up and flushed. Rapidly tip-towing out into the living room again back onto the cold wood floor, she approached the clock and looked close; she giggled to herself at the thought that the grandfather clock was passed down from her grandfather. That always seemed to amuse her when she thought of it. Peering close as the room was quite dark, she noted the time as "12:01, AM, huh? That's an odd time to wake up." Turning to head back to the couch as another wave of shivering started. Her next step seemed to feel as though the floor was so cold it had started to burn her barefoot. Ahh! she proclaimed; what the hell!? The next footstep with the other foot quicker, this time. In an attempt to get back to the couch as fast as she could, it was even worse. And she winced in pain this time. The next step surprised her, and she screamed out in pain as it was much worse; she couldn't handle it anymore and lunged for the couch.

Landing roughly on the couch, What in the hell, Jen said, looking down at the floor. The wood floor was no longer a wood floor, but instead, it had changed to a sheet of ice. A faint blue glow emanating from the ice cast shadows up the walls. Jen knew what this was without any doubt at all and Cried out, "no, no, NO! I Can't TAKE ANYMORE! PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE! I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE! I can't take it anymore." She screamed, placing her hands over her ears. With her feet on the couch, she crouched down. The blanket wrapped around her tight, and her hands over her ears and eyes closed. She rocked back and forth. No, no, no, no, no, she repeated over and over. Then the familiar laughter rang out through the house, unnaturally loud vibrating everything. Jen Rocked back and forth faster now, crying, "I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE! I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE! I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE!" then finally screaming as loud as she could, "LEAVE ME ALONE!" Eyes still closed.

"Why would I do that?" The familiar and booming voice rumbled through the house, chuckling as though it was positively enjoying its self. A cracking sound pierced Jen's concentration, and the feeling that she was in real danger this time shuttered through her body and forced Jen to snap open her eyes, the sound was like large limbs of a tree being broken very slowly, but it was inside the house.

Looking around the room bathed in a dim light blue glow, the floor of ice now had mist rising off its surface. The room had grown so cold now that with each breath, steam formed in the air. Jen knew she would never be able to walk across that ice floor again; she was trapped here. What was she going to do? Damn, Jen said to herself, I left the flute upstairs, and if it attacks, I will be helpless; it's not like I can beat that thing up with my bare hands, let alone while I am confined to this couch. Jen was racking her brain, but nothing; she had no idea what she should do. With that, she knew it; she was doomed. Jen had no way of fending the thing off, whatever it was if it decided to attack her. And if any of the last few times told her anything, it was not a question of if it would attack her; it was more a question of when it would strike. With that revelation, the crackling sound increased, and she noticed cracks spreading all along the wall.

Parts of the wall began to break off and crumble and fall. Crashing onto the floor, they broke into a million pieces scattering shards of drywall, dust, dirt, and wood shards all over the floor. As each piece landed, it sent vapor waves this way and that as they slammed into the ice-covered floor. The walls started to give way and the cracking and snapping increased in speed even more, and Jen shrank back into the couch, pulling the covers up to under her chin and starting to cry in desperation. The walls began to buckle, as though being crushed in from the outside like a tin can. The room became smaller and smaller. All the while, that grandfather clock tick, tick, ticked away but still read 12:01 AM. "That's odd." Jen thought briefly; then the stairs gave way; Jen screamed with fear as that whole side of the room collapse now just inches away from the end of the couch.

All three sides now were just inches away from the two sides, and the back of the couch, plaster was still pelting the sofa now. And there were exposed pipes and broken 2x4's jutting out of the walls everywhere. But the room in front of Jen was still open. The sheet of ice that was on the floor in front of the couch was wide open. "I can feel it; you want to run." The voice boomed. "Try, I Dare you!" Jen did want to run but knew she would never make it, and besides, she had nowhere to go. In that instant, a hand grasped her by the throat and pulled her up off the couch.

In a blink, there floating in front of her was the eyeless glowing figure. The hand closed tighter and tighter around her throat, picking her up many feet above the floor—a needling cold radiated from the claw-like hand into her neck. The numbing sensation spread into her. Her neck began to pop and snap as the fingers of the creature crushed the life out of her. Even if she had wanted to, it made it impossible to speak as she dangled here in mid-air. Jen could feel that the figure was draining the life out of her. As the cold spread throughout her body. It traveled down her chest and up her neck into her chin, then moving up to her ears.

Jen could still hear the cartilage snapping in her neck bit by bit as her eyes rolled back into her head. Jen's arms, where unless now the flailing that her arms had initially done, had stopped, and her arms hung limp and numb at her sides, they had stopped responding to her commands. "Well, this is it…" *Snap* "I'm done for…" *Crack* Hanging there, the creature said to her: "Yes, you are done for, let the cold wash over you, relax and go to sleep it will be over in just a second."

A light went on in Jen's dim mind as her vision darkened. With everything she had left, she pulled her legs up and kicked, catching the creature in the chest and staggering it enough that its grip slipped, and she fell back onto the couch. Screeching with anger, the beast lunged at Jen with both hands this time.


As the eyeless/legless creature dove in towards Jen, it placed its 1-inch nail tipped fingers together as though it was diving into a pool of water. Then there was a flash; just for a fraction of a second, everything was covered in red, and time appeared to slow. The closer its Nails got, the slower they seemed to move, Jen pulled back, but things were going so slow by the time she reacted that it was as though she was moving as fast as a pearl falls through honey.

Slowly she pulled back tell she was pinned against the back of the couch, then the creature's nails hit her chest right in the middle between her breasts. The pain radiated out from where the nails were digging into her chest, washing over her in waves. Jen Screamed out in slow motion as the nails dug into her chest deeper and deeper, but all the while slowing down slower and slower. Looking at the ceiling and still trying to press further back into the couch away from the figure as she screamed, the darkness blinked to light for an instant.

Then, again and again, each time the room was lit up for longer, this continued as time continued to slow tell it was as though the creature's hands halfway into her chest were no longer moving but still radiating the intense pain. Then her ears popped, and time was back to normal again, and she screamed out for a couple of seconds before realizing it was over and stopped.

Jen was disoriented, looking around. She was sitting on the couch; there was the light of the morning streaming through the windows. Oh, look, there are Kent and Mom; why are they staring at me? Jen thought. Jen's heart was racing, and she was breathing hard; she felt like she had to run, had to go, had to get away...

Looking down, Braced with one hand against her chest was a short older man with abnormal thick wiry hair, one of his small wrinkled hands was open and flat against her chest, a Red light seemed to pulse on and off under his hand. Without thinking, Jen Slapped him right across the face. "Oh!" the old man rang out, dancing around in a circle, before coming to a stop facing Jen again. His face was only inches away from hers. Jen's mom barked, "Jen!" but Jen ignored her. Her eyes were fixed firmly on the old man's eyes; after a moment, she said to the old man quite sternly, "What do you think you were doing with your hand on my chest?"

The older man, at this point, was vigorously rubbing his chin backing up a step. He replied, "Saving you I was, Yes indeedy, saving you I have. Saving you, I was. Now you will thank me; you will, I think?" Jen replied, "Saving me from what, what requires you to put your hands on my chest?"

The older man smiled and gently poked her chest, where he had, had his hand. "I saved you from the changeling." Jen frowned. He continued, "Your mother and Kent had told me, yes indeedy they sure did; they told me you call it an eyeless figure. It is not called that, no indeedy it is not, it is being called a changeling, yes indeedy." Closing his eyes and crossing his arms, leaning back ever so slightly, he stood there, nodding his head. Jen arched an eyebrow as she stared at him, nodding his head to what seemed like himself for what seemed like ages. Then the older man's eyes popped open wide, poking her hard in her chest with a small index finger, poke, poke, poke. "But I stopped him this time I did. YES, INDEEDY, I DID. I STOPPED HIM!" Poking at his chest with a stubby thumb and going back to his nodding. Jen shook her head for a moment, trying to understand what all of this meant.

Jen was confused. "He is inside me?" The older man's eyes popped open, and he frowned. "NO! Girl, what is wrong with you! Look using your eyes!" POKE POKE POKE this time poking much harder on her chest. "Use your eyes, young lady, You must be using them, or you will lose them, you will. That is what my mom always told me! Yes, indeedy, use it or lose it. That's what I always say as well. Mmmhhmmm, Yes, indeedy!"

A Light went on in Jen's head, and looking down, Jen saw a one-foot round black what seemed like a Tattoo very intricate in design on her chest. Split down the middle, the tattoo's two sides were about 1/8th of an inch apart.

Ahhhh! What the HELL IS THAT! Jen exclaimed, What did you do to me! Can others see this thing? The older man was starting to grow weary of this. Frowning, he said, Can you see it? Then why would you think others may not be able to see it? Using your head, girl tapping her on the side of the head! I did not do anything but stopping the splitting I did. The mark has always been there. It was just being not visible; it was till the changeling tried to break it. This time I stopped him this time I did, but next time you must defeat him, you must, yes indeed, next time it's up to you, not me, no, no, for all of us here to see if you can do it we will. Or die, everyone will. Ok? Ok!


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