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C5 ~Falling Into The Void

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

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Frozen, Jen couldn't move. She was sure whoever was behind her was going to kill her. Any second now, they would strike as soon as she started to turn. She felt she couldn't do anything, so Jen didn't move at all. The day's activities had taken their toll on her. Exhausted and tired, she had no more rage or energy left. She surrendered and accepted if she was to die, she could do nothing about it. Closing her eyes, she waited to see what would happen.

In that instant, she felt utterly helpless; her knees seemed to turn to rubber as she felt what seemed like a hand placed on the small of her back. "Oh, Child, you have nothing to fear from me, but throwing away the one weapon that could help protect you will not stop what comes for you, that it will not, no indeedy it won't. Mmmm, Hmmm No, it sure won't."

Jen began to cry; she had reached her breaking point and couldn't handle anymore today. The figure behind her waved the flute slightly and said: "Don't cry child, Take the flute and keep it close; you will know what to do when the time is right." At this point, Jen was barely still standing. She reached over and took hold of the flute. Turning to see who/what was behind her, but there was nothing there.

Jen Collapsed onto the floor. She lay there for a good while in the doorway. Then after a bit, she composed herself sitting up and resting her head on the door frame. Kent came up about that time and helped her up, "Jen, we will fix up your room tomorrow. You have a lot ahead of you. The older man explained enough of it that we could understand you have a long road ahead. Come downstairs; you can sleep on the couch tonight; your mother made it all up for you already."


Downstairs, Kent sat her down on the sofa and said: "I'll be right back with some of your mom's Spiced Chicken Dumplings and noodle soup." Jen's face lit up. "Ohhhh! I love them!" She Exclaimed softly. Kent smiled and said: "Yes, your mother made them especially for you after the old man was done explaining what you were going through."

While Kent was in the kitchen, Jen relaxed back into the couch and thought, "Explained what you were going through? No one has explained anything to me; why do they get to know, and I don't?" Jen winced. "Ohhh, I need to relax... I can't think about this right now," Kent returned with a steaming bowl of soup that smelled amazing; it was always best eaten fresh, Jen thought. She inhaled the delicious food.

The food went down, and Ohh, it warmed her to the core. It was like she hadn't eaten in days. After she finished up and was feeling Fat, Kent helped her lay down and covered her up. Jen piped up, sleepily, "Oh, where is mom, by the way? Why isn't she here?" Kent replied, "She had to go to bed. She was anxious and upset about what you're going to have to deal with and thought it would be better if you didn't see her all upset like that. So, she asked me to help you to bed." Absentminded, Jen replied softly, "Oh, ok, that's nice of her..." already starting to drift off to sleep as the spiced chicken dumplings and noodle soup wove their web over her mind pulling her down into a state of relaxation. Kent replied as he was leaving. "Ok, You get some sleep now. We will talk more tomorrow." before Kent had even gotten out of the room, she was out like a light, falling into the void, a deep and dark world of complete oblivion.


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