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C4 ~Through Dark Clouds

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

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Jen was still fuming as she exited through the front door, skipping the two stares outside her front door. The sky was starting to darken as she flew through the front gate. Starting down the sidewalk by the street. The sidewalk was small, smaller than typical, she thought, like a one-person sidewalk rather than a two-person sidewalk. The curb was damaged and broken so much that it almost looked like there was no curb. Gravel and dirt filled the gutter and were also strewn across the small sidewalk. The gravel crunched under her feet as she walked. The gate rattled the fence as it snapped shut again. By this time, Jen's day had looked so bright and beautiful. Now had seemed to have taken on a sinister undertone as though it was mocking her. Of course, she knew that was not the case, but it still felt as though everyone and everything blamed her for what had happened today; Even the rattle of the gate closing behind her. Seemed to ring out, it's all your fault this happened. Her insides boiled with anger at what had happened. If something terrible had happened to her, she would feel bad; yes, that would be one thing, but hurting her family was something entirely unacceptable.

When she had stopped brooding and came back to reality, Jen felt like she had been walking for ages in a black cloud. But in fact, it had only been a couple of hours; Jen's passion finally had waned. Looking around, she found herself on a small bridge, surprisingly not far from her house. Jen looked down into the water and went to place her hands on the railing. She was surprised when realizing that she had taken the flute with her when she had left the house earlier that evening. Jen had been walking around with it in her hand this whole time. Her face flushed with embarrassment though no one was there to see it; Jen thought to herself she must have looked rather odd walking down the street gripping the flute with all her might for hours on end. "What a Moron!" She thought to herself.

Then it struck her like a blinding flash of lightning, the flute. "THIS ALL STARTED BECAUSE OF THIS DAMNED FLUTE!" In an instant, her rage returned, and she flung the flute as hard as she could out over the water. It went end over end, seemingly to go on forever, flipping over and over tell, plop it hit the water and disappeared underneath the surface. An overwhelming feeling of happiness came over, Jen, "THERE! No more craziness! It's gone!"

The sun was now almost down to the horizon, and it was getting late Jen decided it was time to get back home; she was not looking forward to that, though. She lingered on a bit at the bridge and then slowly made her way back home. When she finally reached her front door, the sun had disappeared below the horizon, and the sky was an orangish-reddish color with just a hint of pink and purple around the edges of the clouds.

She slowly opened the front door and entered, not knowing what to expect after what had happened earlier. Hell, they may even have called the cops on her and were just waiting for her to come home so they could lock her up in a padded cell. "I don't think I could blame them, though…" she thought. Maybe she was letting her imagination run away with her; either way, it was entirely too quiet in here.

Hearing nothing but smelling food, she knew it wouldn't be very long till the food was ready; she needed to think about what questions her mom and Kent would have and how to respond.

Sneaking up the stairs to her room, she felt funny, as though the hair was standing up on the back of her neck; it was so quiet, and there was hardly any light up here like her mom and Kent had just gone downstairs and not came back up again.

She had an eerie feeling as she climbed the stairs anticipating something jumping out at her. She arrived at the top of the Stairs and peered down the hall. A dim light from the dusk outside was streaming through the window at the end of the hallway. It cast shadows on everything, including the hole that the ice bolt had made when piercing Kent's shoulder, nailing him to the wall, and the dent, the one her mom had made when she crashed into the wall. Jen winced at the thought of the way he had dangled there. Helpless and writhing in pain and how her mom looked slumped over on the floor.

She dismissed the thoughts and moved forward and into the doorway of her room; she stood there, surveying the mess that was her room. Man, what a Mess, Jen thought. "I believe you Lost this you did. Yes indeedy, you did." a screechy but hoarse voice from behind; Jen's eyes bulged as there next to her right arm came that flute, that unmistakable, damned flute. Jen froze in place as her mind raced.


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