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C3 - Xalathain The Forgotten

Lucy groaned in pain as she began to wake up. As she lay there on the dirt covered floor groggy and discombobulated, she ran her hand over her face trying to clear the fog from her brain. A Moment later a pang hit her, "Ahhh!" She cried out grasping at her temple and pressing. Another pang hit her, and she groaned in pain, this time it was evident where it was coming from, the back of her head. Starting to sit up and grabbing at the rear of her head she could feel an icky sticky mess back there. Waves of pain overcame her and rather than sitting all the way up she shifted over and relaxed back on to the stone door frame that she had whacked her head on here way down.

The coolness of the stone sapped the heat from her wounded head, and she moved to ensure good contact with the smooth rock to increase the effect. She let out a sigh of relief as it sucked the pain away lessening it considerably. The result was short lived though as a second later another pang hit her and the waves of pain began to return. Over and over the waves crashed through her brain and radiated out through her body. Her hands began to shake, and she could feel her entire body was tense. She had to close her eyes as the slit of light coming in through the crack seemed to be as bright as looking directly into the sun. Her teeth began to chatter, and she opened her mouth slightly to stop her teeth from connecting, her jaw continued to quiver. Then she started to feel sick, She cried out, God no! I can't puke now that would only make it one hundred times worse... Please, Someone, help me.

Xalathain said, Come to me my child, I can heal your wound if you can get close to my right arm. Lucy's eyes snapped open, and instantly she regretted it, Shielding her eyes she peered across the room at where Xalathain was sitting. Ya, right, I'm down here because of what you did last time I touched you. You're just trying to kill me, aren't you, she accused.

Xalathain Replied, No, Not at all child, I only took half of your essence. I am sorry I did not warn you it could make you dizzy but you see I've been alone and with no soul essence for so long that I just jumped at the opportunity without thinking. I'm sorry about that. But now that I have some of your soul essences I can turn it into anything that I want, like for example healing energy.

Lucy did not say anything she just closed her eyes and tried to relax, but the waves of pain just continued and worsened every second that passed. She said I don't think I can stand up. Xalathain replied that's OK, come on crawl over to me. GOD! Lucy retorted. Xalathain said its OK no one need know or see, stop being a big baby and get over here so I can heal you.

Lucy said, But I will know... and grumbled some in inaudible curses but slowly leaned forward keeping her eyes closed she shifted her body to began crawling forward. With her head down and away from the direct light, she opened her eyes slightly and adjusted her course, with every shuffle forward another pang hit and washed over her body.

Lucy reached the chair that Xalathain was in and came up close, sitting up to be as close as she could to Xalathain's right hand. Xalathain Reached forward and placed her hand on Lucy's head; it was so frigid, Lucy flinched and groaned in pain instantly. Relax Xalathain said. Again resting her hand on Lucy's head, this time Lucy resisted the urge to pull away or flinch. Ahh, Yes, Said Xalathain You have a rather severe concussion. I will begin the process of healing you. I do not have a lot of essences though, and as such you will need to relax and allow me to do it.

Lucy felt as though she was falling backward, then seemed to equalize and the falling sensation went away. Opening her eyes she looked around, but all she could see other than herself was a bright and shiny gold everywhere she looked. She heard Xalathain say; You must relax and allow me to heal you, Relax, please, I don't have the energy to treat you forcefully.

Gold Everywhere

Lucy closed her eyes and tried to relax, after a moment she could feel the tension in her muscles starting to dwindle slowly. Then she felt a spot of warmth in the middle of her chest; the place began to expand. Soon it had enveloped her entire body, and the pain in her head was fading away rapidly. She felt cozy and warm like a cat in front of a warm crackling fire on a cold winter day with snow falling in big flakes outside; She just wanted to curl up and go to sleep. She had never felt so sublime in her entire life; she felt complete. The feeling reminded her of the atmosphere from when she was unconscious on the floor, the dream or whatever that was, what was that she thought to herself.

Xalathain released her grip on Lucy's head and sat back. Lucy remained where she was for a few moments enjoying the lingering warmth that was slowly fading away. Soon she again could feel the cold stone of the floor on her knees and opened her eyes and focused on Xalathain wondering to herself what this thing was and what the visions she has seen where while she was unconscious, was it just a dream?

Xalathain said it was likely a premonition of the future; Lucy said, Humm. Wait, What? Are you reading my mind? I didn't say that out loud! Xalathain said yes I was while I was healing you, I'm not now. Lucy Raised an eyebrow. All will be explained in time, for now, we have some work to do.

Lucy picked her self up and began to dust herself off, First off we need to build me a temple and then we need to bring people to it that I can help and in turn take some of their essences to grow stronger again. Without more human spirit I won't be able to move from here. Even if you gave me fifty percent of your soul every day, it would take way too long for me to gain an adequate amount to be able to entirely move again.

Lucy raised an eyebrow again, a Temple? Essence? Other People, and how am I suposta do that? Xalathain Smiled why my child I will provide you the way, of course, you need not do all of the work. Holding her hand out palm down there was a bright flash, and three gold bars clanked onto the floor each on top of the other.

Sell these and that should give you a good amount of currency that is if gold is still worth money? Lucy stared at the large shiny gold bars then absent-minded reply, ya, mmhmm it is still worth money. But I'm guessing them bars are way heavier then I can move. How am I suposta get them out of here, let alone just picking them up?

Xalathain frowned then smiled, holding her hand out over the gold bars on the ground another flash and the three large gold bars disappeared and transformed into 30 smaller bars appearing in there place. Xalathain said that fixes that, and as for how to get them out of here, there is a shed over by the house with a wheelbarrow in it. That should do the job nicely.

Lucy said mmk and headed out to find it. Returning she loaded them up and after finishing looked over at Xalathain. Xalathain Spoke up, worry about getting them moved out to the car, for now, you can sell them tomorrow for a reasonable rate, Get a good nights rest and return here tomorrow so I can draw more of your essence and strengthen myself more before you leave.

Lucy headed out slowly picking her path carefully as the gold was extremely heavy even with the wheelbarrow. Reaching her car with more than a few brakes along the way she loaded them in the back and put away the wheelbarrow in the shed again where she had found it.

Heading inside she lay down as she was just completely exhausted drifting off to sleep almost instantly, as Lucy did the only thought that crossed her mind before drifting away was that she had never felt as much purpose and clear direction in her life ever before. She knew what she had to do and how to do it. Smiling a feeling of contentment came over her as she drifted off to sleep.


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