C3 ~Jen Warmly Welcomes An Uninvited Guest

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

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radiating energy

Jen was frozen in place, staring in horror at her mother lying there in the hall covered in frost and ice shards; this was not just average frost and ice. These were razor-sharp ice crystals stuck deep in Jen's mom. Jen began to shake as a wave of almost uncontrollable anger began to well up inside her, hatred traveling up the back of her throat, tasting like something dead, vile, evil, and downright insidious; she wanted to kill something. The wave of hate seemed to consume her, causing her entire body to put off a reddish-pink glow. "This Damn Flute!" She Screamed. "What in the Hell is happening to me!" Jen raged. Waves of energy began to radiate outwards from her and wash over the room.

Kent appeared over Jen's mother in the hallway and screamed in anguish at the state she was in, snapping Jen out of her raging state. In a blink, A single bolt of ice impaled Kent right below his left shoulder, sticking him to the wall and hanging him half crouched over top of Jen's mom; Kent screamed and writhed in pain. But the bolt in his shoulder stayed in place, pinning him to the wall. With his back to the wall, Kent propped himself up so he was not hanging on the ice shard. Seeing this, Jen Screamed with pure rage. The Anger and Rage Boiled inside of her. She wanted to kill something right now, smash something, anything, whatever was causing this WOULD PAY!

A wave of heat covered Jen in a circle. The cold slowly withered away, melting outward. In front of Jen, a Ghostly Eyeless figure grew from the ice covering the floor in her room. Laughing hardily, then only to stop and start whooping and spinning around slowly, as it formed and grew up from the ice, ending with a chuckle as it was now fully developed. "Oops, oh dear, oh, dear. So sorry! Did mommy get a boo-boo??" Throwing its head back and roaring with laughter. "Yoooou!" She exclaimed, "YOU!" Moving to take a step forward, then pausing as she realized much of the room was still covered in sharp ice crystals, and she had bare feet. Thinking for a fraction of a second, Jen began moving forward, sliding her feet and breaking the ice crystals as she moved.

Then the figure was done with its laughter seeing her move forward. The spectral figure roared as it lunged forward at Jen. She struck it, over and over, again and again, entirely consumed by rage. Swinging the flute and hitting the figure slowed it down but did not seem to do much damage this time, but then this only angered her even more.

Seeing her mother on the floor and Kent hanging there still writhing in pain, her rage grew, and the flute began to glow cherry red with each strike its brightness increased, and the figure finally, with one last attack, froze in place, blackened and burst into flames. Poof, it was gone, and ashes slowly began to settle to the floor.

Jen stood there raging in anger but with nothing to hate, her passion soon dissipated. By this time, most of the ice had started melting away at a phenomenal rate. The air warmed and felt hot and sticky. Kent fell from the wall, and Jen rushed over to check on them both. Her mother was starting to come around, and Kent's wound though nasty, was not bleeding much.

Not able to face Kent or her mother right now, Jen moved quickly down the stairs as Kent and Jen's mom began their usual bickering about what exactly had just happened. What was going on with her? Jen needed air; she felt as though she was trapped and suffocating. She needed to get outside right now.


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