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C2d. - Joe - Angels or Demons?

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Beta:39,53 entered through what used to be the front window of the bank and ran a quick diagnostic on Beta:43,69 struggling to get up. The report came back as minor damage for the most part but Beta:39,53's right arm was disabled without mechanical attention it would not be able to be used. Beta:39,53 sent an alert with the damage report to the rest of the team and a few milliseconds later got OK replies from all.

Continuing forward Beta:39,53 took up the same defensive position as Beta:43,69 had been in before getting hit by the psi-boom.

Alpha:25,61 moving forward on the first target he snapped his wrist up twice and from the underside of his arm slid out a blade. It seemed to be spring loaded as it flew out and Alpha:25,61 caught the handle as it flew. The moment he took hold of the handle the one-inch wide blade unfolded into double the original width making it a nice sized two-inch wide blade. Swinging the sword with an ungodly speed he severed the right arm of the first target, the arm fell away before the robber even knew it was gone Alpha:25,61 was bringing the sword back with a backhanded swing catching the thief's right leg about in the middle of the thigh and severing it cleanly. The bank robber screamed in pain and twisted right towards Alpha:25,61. This caused the right leg to dis-attached fully, and he began to fall towards Alpha:25,61 a look of horror plastered across his face as he fell forward. The thief brought up the pistol in his left hand and fired, the bullet ricocheted off of Alpha:25,61's chest, bringing his sword back to the left again Alpha:25,61 removed his left arm at the elbow. The target fell to the ground convulsing in agony splattering everything and everyone around him with streams of blood from his three appendages that had been severed.

Psi:78,1 scanned left as she noted the thief in the back of the bank collapse to the ground.

Alpha:25,61 Fired his back jets and shot forward, clasping his sword with both hands as he flew forward towards the next target. Bringing the sword up over his head, arriving at his goal the man turned and attempted to fire the shotgun he had in his hands, but it was already too late. With inhuman speed Alpha:25,61 struck with the power of a jackhammer striking down Alpha:25,61's blade bit into the robber's neck and continued though not slowing one bit across his chest cutting the bones like a hot knife through butter and exiting out the man's left side about waist height. He choked, and blood flowed out of his mouth, flowing freely down his chin, bubbles boiled in the man's mouth as the blood flowed. He grasped at his throat with his right hand, and then the right side of his upper body began to slide off, the now two parts of the man fell apart, and blood spread into a pool around the twitching parts. Alpha:25,61 watched the man on the floor twitching for a second before looking up.

Psi:78,1 sent an alert, WARNING IMMINENT DANGER! Sending also a target. A Red triangle outlined the fourth target they had detected turning around a corner in the back right side of the bank. Zooming his view Alpha:25,61 looked close at his hand. He had a rocket launcher, and he was bringing it up. Alpha:25,61 did some quick math and figured the target was going to fire at him.

Psi:78,1 sent another alert, "Warning, Exception Included...

All Non-Hostiles Hostages are not to be damaged beyond repair while carrying out the above orders." The Estimated casualties 5-12 Non-Hostiles Hostages. Take steps to avoid Non-Hostiles Hostages casualties IMMEDIATELY!

Alpha:25,61 Noted the warning, looking around he noted he was standing next to a line of Non-Hostiles, the middle of the lobby was clear and then on the far side up against the counters was another line of Non-Hostiles. Alpha:25,61 began moving, firing his jets and pushing off with his legs. The Thief Fired and fire exploded out of the back of the launcher, and the missile began to move towards Alpha:25,61. Beta:39,53 was already moving to intercept, Math concluded he would only get within reach of the rocket. Arriving at the intercept point half way to Alpha:25,61 and smacked the explosive projectile up altering its trajectory slightly to be pointed higher. Alpha:25,61 jumped and rotated in mid-air and at the optimal location whacked the missile up towards the ceiling, it went through the drop ceiling and struck the roof exploding on contact. The concussion wave expanded and knocked out a broad section of the false ceiling, blowing the thin tiles into small bits and putting a small hole in the roof.

Alpha:25,61 crashed down to the floor sliding on the smoothly polished floors and crashed into the teller counter. Running a damage assessment a warning popped up, a foreign object was present. He looked down and examined the foreign object in his left side, in his view, there was a three triangle shaped red warning signs around the object blinking to draw attention to it like he could not see the four-inch-long chunk of metal sticking out of his side. He began pulling it out trying to do as little damage as he could. The old lady sitting next to where he crashed grimaced as he rocked the piece of metal back and forth. Alpha:25,61 Looked at her and reassured her that it did not hurt him and to not worry. The Woman smiled and patted him on the head and thanked him.

Beta:39,53 opened fire missing the rocket launcher toting thief and instead he hit the corner the thief had been behind next to him blowing a chunk out of it, stumbling out into the open trying to avoid the quick pot shots Beta:39,53 was taking at him Psi:78,1 seen an opportunity to strike. Beta:43,69 took up his former defensive position next to and slightly in front of Psi:78,1 as she cut her psi-boom and fired a focused pulse at the exposed robber. It only took about half a second to wind up the shot and shoot it. As it flew, it left a trail of paper as it passed over anything that was not nailed down was flung up into the air. The Psi-pulse struck the man square in the chest and took him off his feet. Flying back and smashing into the corner next to some stairs leading down to the vault area blood flew out of his eyes, ears, and mouth, His head flew back and crashed into the marble on the wall, caving his skull in leaving a splatter on the wall where his head had hit. His body kept moving though and spun around the corner and down the stairs bouncing and flopping around unnaturally so much so that it was disturbing to all that witnessed it and clear to all that he was already dead before even going down the stairs.

Jinx! They got Max! Pointing at the body laying on the landing one of the thieves down in the safe pointed. Jinx had heard the exchange that had happened and now seeing Max lying there leaking blood out of every natural orifice in his body as well as some new ones. Blood pooled and slowly ran down step after step towards the save door from the landing where max was laying, arms and legs twisted and contorted in unnatural directions.

Jinx! What are we going to do! Jinx replied, Head up there and take a look, but be careful. What are you going the do the man replied? Don't you worry about that, I'm going to call in some help.

Jinx pulled out his knife and took off his glove on his left hand he placed the blade and closed his hand around it. The recited the chant that he had been told about three times.

"Hades God of the underworld send us your Dogs of War Reapers to strike from below and reap all who oppose us, we swear our allegiance from this day forth.", "Hades God of the underworld send us your Dogs of War Reapers to strike from below and reap all who oppose us, we swear our allegiance from this day forth.", "Hades God of the underworld send us your Dogs of War Reapers to strike from below and reap all who oppose us, we swear our allegiance from this day forth."

Grasping the blade tight he pulled it out slicing his hand, blood flowed, and he bent down and drew a symbol on the floor of the vault with the blood.

Joe and the rest of the officers were still behind there cruisers even though the horrid screeching had stopped a few seconds ago. Then without warning the massive thud bounced everyone, then 5 more in rapid succession. They all looked at each other, what in the hell was that Joe's lieutenant said. Joe said I have no idea! Then they fell silent as a mechanical whine began to build and go faster and faster until it was a steady whine.

Jocie, the lieutenant, said, Take a Look, Jerking his thumb over his shoulder towards the direction the noise was coming from. Jocie was a new recruit that had just graduated the academy last month, She turned and slowly inched her way up to peak over the cruiser. As her head cleared the car, she noted there were 6 tremendous things in mostly black and holding some sort of what looked like a rotating barrel gun like a mini-gun almost but so different she was not sure what she was seeing. Before she could move or even say anything the things opened fire, glowing green bolts of lightning shot out from the weapon and pelted the cruiser. One of the bolts struck Jocie in the right eye obliterating the right side of her head and turning it into a green glowing gooey mess that melted away down her chest and back before she fell backward goo leaking out of the other side of her head onto the asphalt. Joe and his lieutenant stared at Jocie laying there dripping blood and green goo onto the ground, her legs were twitching violently then they stopped, and that was that she was dead.


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