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C2b. - Joe - Angels or Demons?

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

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Banshee Alpha:25,61 a leader role banshee and it's three supporting units. Beta:39,53, Beta:43,69 two brute role banshees and Psi:78,1 advanced female tactical banshees were on patrol looking for any possible jobs that were in their range of star payback level gliding along high up in the sky above the clouds. Passing by request after request on Alpha:2561 screen scrolling and scrolling through all of the many applications for help coming out of the city below, none fit there range. Then a call came rolling in across at the bottom, the newest call. Blinking as it was a possible 4-8 star payback. Immediately Alpha:2561 signaled "We are Going in" and accepted the mission, The Rest of the team where board and ready for some action and so returned approving signs of agreement.

With the Mission Accepted Alpha:25,61 signaled to group up, they formed up in a diamond with Psi:78,1 taking up the rear and the two brutes on the left and right. Cutting their jetpacks and angling down a readout appeared with there suggested trajectory they should take on the way down to reach the landing area of the request. Flattening there body's to improve their speed of decent it took mere seconds to reach halfway down and punch through the cloud cover where Alpha:25,61 switched his full camouflage cloak to its lowest setting, so he was visible but was still a bit blurry. Only a couple seconds later Alpha:25,61 landed hard by the requester, the others have kept their cloaks on and so touched down softly using their jetpacks and audio dampeners built into there cloaks.

Joe stared up at Alpha:25,61 dumbfounded. Alpha:25,61 Signed with Human English requesting orders and awaited the response.

Joe stared for a long moment then a new burst of gunfire started up again braking Joe out of the trance. "He must have just changed mags..." He thought to his self. "Well, I guess let's see where this, whatever it is, goes..." A bunch of questions passed through his mind then Joe Finally spoke up addressing the figure in front of him that was slightly blurry. Yelling unnecessarily since the banshee had a far superior hearing system then Joe and was able to tune out the gunfire in the background. "In that Bank over there." Jerking his thumb over his shoulder behind him towards the bank from where the gunfire was ringing out. Looking over the car to where the gunfire was coming from Alpha:25,61 identified the target building and looked back to Joe "There are people reportedly robbing it; I want you to go in there and bring their asses and set them here behind the cruiser. Them Fuckers Need to Pay for what they did! Joe pointed over at His partner laying in the street. Oh! And Don't hurt anyone that that is a hostage in there either! As for the bank robbers they can all just die for all I care, Look what they did to my partner!" Alpha:25,61 Looked over at Joe's partner laying on the ground and assessed him. A Line of info popped up Target: Human: Police Officer: Deceased: Cause: Complete exsanguination due to multiple bullet holes. Looking back at Joe and wondering what this Human must be feeling Alpha:2561 seeing that the human had stopped his rent the request for order interpretation and included all that Joe had said in his application.

Psi:78,1 Processed the raw data then uploaded it and a few seconds later received the response and forwarded it back to Alpha:25,61

Order interpretation Requested... Uploading Request audio & video... ... Upload Complete. ... Interpretation Complete... Fetching formatted order...

List Requester Orders... Scan and enter Building GeoSycn9358236-5. Eliminate all hostiles with extreme prejudice. Justification: Due to the death of an onsite human/officer of the law, All lethal options are available for use during this mission. Remove hostiles from Building GeoSycn9358236-5 to be placed in front of and to the right of the requester's vehicle in a row. Warning... Warning... Warning, Exception Included... All Non-Hostiles Hostages are not to be damaged beyond repair while carrying out the above orders. No Further orders present in the upload.... ... Transmit orders to all team members? ... Yes. ... Orders Transmitted... ... Begin Executing orders... ... Executing orders...

From Joe's point of view Alpha:25,61's Eyes had flashed rapidly then glowed brightly. Signaling with his right hand, the other three turned down there cloaking generators to increase the available power for there weapons.

All 4 of the figures made a loud noise witch looked like and could only be described as a scream or a roar and then with a blast from under there feet, and there back's all four where off jetting towards the building.


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