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C2a. - Joe - Angels or Demons?

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

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Joe had been on the job for nine years now, and he had seen some crazy stuff over them nine years. He had had a few other jobs before a recruiter talked him into going to the police academy. After graduating, Joe just did only what was required and for some reason got promoted. Joe figured that he was a decent officer, for the most part, tried to give people a break and yet uphold the law at the same time but did not think he stood out from anyone else so was not sure why he got promoted. Never going outside of what was expected, never putting himself in harm's way unnecessarily unless it was something reasonable that other officers would have done or thought was/should be done. Joe was not a gung-ho hero cop out to prove his mettle by any stretch of the imagination. He looked at it as more of a job than a calling like some of his fellow cops on the beat. Some people may take a dim view of that point of view, but that’s just how Joe looked at it. He was not interested in playing the hero at all. Playing the hero tended to come with a certain amount of risk, and that was NOT Joe, that was just not Joe at all.

Joe was an average looking guy, not all that great looking but not super bad looking either, the kind that would blend into a crowd, that is if he was not in uniform. For the most part, he kept up his body and was not fat, maybe a few pounds here and there that could be shaved off but Joe was in rather good shape. Joe liked to run in the cool of the morning starting out about an hour before sunrise, so the sun was at his back on the way back home. Also liked to box when he had some spare time he would go down to the gym that all the cops used and would get in the ring with this guy or that guy and work out his frustrations in most cases to the detriment of the one facing him that day.

Today was no different than any other day, he was up before dawn and ran for an hour, took a shower and made a smoothie that had lots of vitamins and nutrients in it to replace what he lost while working out. Also, this would tide him over until lunch. Done with the smoothie by the time he got to work Joe got his daily assignment like any other day. But today was anything but any other day as he was soon to find out, in just a few Hours there would be a robbery of one of the banks downtown. Even now the group of thieves was getting their stuff ready and going through the last minute things to be sure they had got everything done and ready.

The Day was going well till not long after lunch the call came in silent alarm at a bank downtown. Joe thought to himself “God Damn it that’s all we need today...” Turning on the Lights, his partner responded barking into the radio they were in route as Joe whipped a U-turn and jamming the gas pedal through the floor. Depending on how you want to look at it, either Luckily or Unluckily Joe and his partner were just a few blocks away when the call came in and as you may imagine they were the first to put up outside the bank in just mere seconds after the call.

The getaway driver saw them rounding the corner before they could come to a complete stop and as such he had time to pick up the gun next to him that had been modified to be a full auto submachine gun with the 100 round drum attached to it. The Driver was out in a flash and started pouring lead into their cruiser at an alarming rate as he backed around the front of the SUV taking cover behind it. Seeing and hearing the first few shots fired pop off, and the holes appear in the windshield but completely missing he was able to Jerk the wheel to the left spinning the cruiser and coming to a stop in the middle of the road. Out his door, Joe and then his partner went right behind him. The thud thud thud, thud thud thud of bullets slamming into the side of their cruiser was so vicious that it made Joe think of the last time they had Hail in the area. There had been a lot of people that had hail damage to their cars including His car. "Joe, Joe, JOE!" Yelled his partner, Red Faced and looking like he was going to blow a gasket, "Snap out of it! What are we doing?!" He had heard his partner call the shots fired in already on his way out of the car and was in no mood to even stick his head out to see about doing anything at all. Joe responded trying to be sure his partner could hear him over the din of noise. “Stay put! I’m not going up there! No way in Hell! Today is NOT a good day to die!” His partner Rolled his eyes like always at his corny jokes. See his partner was one of the cops that loved to try and prove their worth and act like a Hero, Joe was always fighting to keep him under control. He tended to love running head-on into danger without thinking how it would play out or how he would even get back out again beforehand. Distracted Joe thought it was a miracle his partner had lived as long as he had and hoped that this would not be another one of them days. Just the other day Joe had pulled him out of another very sticky situation of his own making.

And with that, before Joe could stop him, off he went, running for the nearest "other" cover that was not the police car getting pelted by bullets, Joe Yell "HEY! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GOING!?" Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, Joe's partner jerked violently in the air as he was repeatedly struck over and over and over till he fell limp to the ground blood pouring out of him from an unknowable number of holes. Joe stared in horror frozen in place, as his partner of two years, lay there on the ground jerking and twitching every few seconds, tell he didn't. Joe could see when it was over; it felt like it had taken an eternity at least ten minutes maybe more, but in reality, it had been less than two minutes for his partner to bleed out there on the pavement in the middle of the street.

Joe was Numb, everything seemed to be moving in slow motion, the sound was even all distorted. Joe was in shock, Breathing faster and faster he began to feel lightheaded and sick. Joe was Freaking out, "I Don't want to die!, I Don't want to die!, I Don't want to die!" He repeated over and over but them GOD DAMNED Bullets they JUST WOULDN'T STOP! Joe Screamed out as loud as he could "SOMEBODY HELP ME! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!" A thought passed through Joe's mind, something he remembered overhearing another officer said. Joe Screamed, "BANSHEES OF THE SKY, STRIKE FROM ABOVE!" Breathing easier now as he gained control of himself Joe felt a bit calmer, he self-checked and Chuckled out loud. "What an Idiot!" He said to himself. Then Thud Right in front of Joe Landed a Figure. So Forcefully did it land that it cracked the pavement and threw Joe up in the air an inch or so. The Figure Stood there hunched over leaned in only but a few inches from Joe's face. Its red eyes were wafting smoke off of them shrouding what its glowing red eyes looked like; this caused the eyes to look strange and shifty as the smoke carried this way and that way.

Joe was Petrified staring at brightly glowing red eyes and the smoke rising from them. Horror gripped his soul, and he thought then and there he was for sure dead. Then in a broken mechanical English like one of them inferior text readers It spoke, "YOU, called, FOR, help?"


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