C1c. - Angels or Demons? “Zoe”

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About this time the smell came, it was a rank and disgusting aroma but what is it? Her mind reeled attempting to identify the ominous smell; She Felt dizzy, sick and her head felt like it was being crushed, then it hit her, the scent, Zoe though "OMG its Human Flesh Burning." Then the Pain, oh the Pain, like nothing Zoe had ever felt before, Waves upon waves washed over Zoe. She screamed in agony looking down at the underside of her right forearm and grasping above the spot that was smoldering, the whored smoke that stunk so badly rolling off of the place with her Left hand she grabbed and clawed at her arm starting to lose her grip on her mind. Zoe screamed even louder in horror as the smoke started to lessen and she could see her right wrist being burnt like someone was standing there and pressing a red-hot star-shaped branding iron into her soft, supple flesh. The pain was so great that she ended up falling to the floor and writhing in pain for what seemed like ages and then just as quickly as the pain had come on it faded away leaving only a red star on her wrist, the smell of burnt flesh in the air.

She lay there for some time, her arms and legs twitching every once in a while. As Time marched on, she regained control, and she lifted her arm to examining the Star shaped red spot and the throbbing that was emanating from the edges as though she had sustained a third-degree burn. Sitting up and propping herself up agent the stove while staring at her wrist all of the sudden a black spot appeared right before Zoe’s eyes in the center of the star. Slowly the blackness expanded tell it entirely covering the redness and leaving a solid black star. Horrified and not knowing what to think Zoe just watched the star fill till it was one big black star and no redness was left. Then as soon as the Black had entirely covered the redness the throbbing around the site stopped instantly just like that…

Zoe did not move from the floor, she sat up and leaned against the stove which in her small kitchen was only a few feet away from the table where she had initially been standing. Staring at her wrist she poked at the Black Star, a sense of complete and utter exhaustion had come over her after the blackness had finished expanding she felt even if she had tried right then and there she would not have been able to stand up. Zoe knew she needed something sweet as she had had this feeling before when she was younger after being in extremely stressful situations. But she just couldn’t, not yet, she just couldn’t get up yet. Zoe sat there for a few minutes just to gather her strength and here thoughts.

Poking at the Star once again she thought to herself “What in the hell is it?” she immediately responded to her question. “It’s a Damn Star!” “I Wonder how I’ll get rid of it?”

The sound, Crack! ZzzzziP! POP! Rang out accompanied by a flash in front of her at the end of the sound. Zoe shielded her face from the flash and after a second looked up to see a Blurry dark figure standing before her with what looked like could be wings on its back and blue glowing orbs where you would think its eyes should be. She screeched slightly and tried to flatten herself to get as far away from the figure as she could, but she was already up agent the stove and had nowhere to go. Zoe blinked trying to clear her vision so she could see the figure clearly but it did not help the creature remained blurry.

A Crafty and Divisive voice came from the blurry thing that stood in front of Zoe, she couldn’t see clearly, and this disturbed her as she couldn't think why she could see everything else just fine, but this thing was blurry. “Zoe, You wish to know how to remove the Star of Services Provided?”


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