C1b. - Angels or Demons? “Zoe”

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Darkness Closing in

Making it home just as dusk was setting in for good the streetlights were starting to pop on here and there casting a warm glow over everything as the sun was now down below the horizon and only the lingering reddish orange was left visible in the sky where it had been. Moving quickly Zoe checked her watch, "Only 10 Minutes tell my show comes on, I better hurry."

Red Door

Approaching her house where she lived, you could see most of the homes up and down the street here are virtually identical, packed in with next to no room between each house and just minor differences here and there. This one had a Blue door, that one had a dark stained wood looking door. Zoe’s place had a Red door that she was quite proud of but other than minor things all of them had Red brick on the front, and most of them had the same red and black shingles on the roof. Also, they all had black rot iron fences about 4 foot tall and a small concrete pathway from each front gate connecting the sidewalk to house's steps leading up to the porch of the house the width of the path was only about half the width of the walkway. Zoe did not have any Grass; she had instead opted for bushes, flower and so on planted here and there in the small front yard. Covering the ground was wood chips to help keep the weeds down.

Reaching her gate, Zoe quickly opened it and moved up the path towards the porch allowing the gate to swing closed on its own. Then BAM like being slapped in the face, that Odd feeling and then a Whoosh as though something had just moved quickly past her. But there was no way anything could have the path was too narrow for more than one and besides, she would have seen them if someone had run past right? Then the Hair all over Zoe's body stood up, and she Froze in place halfway to the porch standing there in the waning light as the approaching warm glow from the streetlight became brighter she was frozen where she stood in pure terror, what was wrong with her? What was going on, she didn't know what to do, was she going crazy? BEEEEP! BEEP BEEP BEEP! A car's horn blares down the street breaking the spell that seemed to have been holding her in place.

Hair Standing Up

The hair on the back of her neck was still standing up, and the tingle running up and down her spine was still there when she started to move again slowly and then faster and faster. She pattered up the steps to her Red door she was so pleased with, wait, what is that she froze in place again, staring down at her welcome mat... There was a bulging large manila envelope lying there, Perfectly centered in the middle of the doormat, so perfectly centered it was uncanny. She approached slowly now completely freaked out by how the night was going so far. It was Big and was Stuffed full of something, and it had three letters on the front in black marker. Z O E.

Zoe Slowly picked up the package pausing for a second and then seeing as nothing exploded, or smelled bad, bit her or jumped out at her she quickly put the bulging package under her arm to opened the door. Having the feeling she was being watched she entered quickly and shut the door quickly behind her with a Bang. Peering through one of the glass panes next to the door she looked left and then right... Nothing... Everything was fine... "What in the HELL, Is wrong with me?! Jesus Christ!" Turning around and leaning back up agent the door she sighed as she relaxed safe at last.

"Ahhh!... Shit!" Zoe proclaimed loudly, very irritated seeing that her show had started already and she was missing it. "DAMN IT, DAMN IT, DAMN IT! DAMN IT!!" She moved quickly away from the front door dropping her keys in the large decorative glass bowl in the front hallway and walking through the living room to the kitchen. Dropping her purse and the package as well as the mail she had grabbed on her mad dash to get inside on the kitchen table, she needed to get some food ready quickly so she could get back in the living room and catch as much as she could of her show.

Money Money Money!

After making herself a sandwich and grabbing a pop from the fridge, she turned around and saw the manila envelope lying there on the kitchen table she stared at the three letters on the front of the package. “Ahh! Damn it!” putting down her pop and grabbing up the package she tore open one end and emptied the contents on the table quickly wanting to see what was in it but also not wanting to miss too much of her show. Out poured six sets of $100 bills in bundles of $10,000, Zoe’s Eyes almost popped out of her head. Last to fall out was a penny, it spun on the table for a second then fell flat, heads up. Zoe Screeched and immediately Covered her mouth in shock dropping the now empty manila envelope. “No!! it couldn’t be, could it?”

Zoe picked up the penny and examined it more closely “If this is not the same penny that I threw in the fountain then it's an exact copy because it has the same scratches and Oh my God it even has the same Year 1991.” Dropping the penny on the table as though it had suddenly become a hot potato she stared at it and then the piles of Hundred dollar bills. Not knowing what to think of this she just stood there, staring at each in turn. Then a thought passed through her head and she said it out loud. “Well, that's cool I guess, sometimes wishes do come true after all, I did wish for help with my money issues.”

No more than a second after the words left her mouth and she started her inhalation for her next breath, and a feeling hit her, “This is not going to be good” she thought...


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