C1a. - Angels or Demons? “Zoe”

-This is the Beginning of "Angels or Demons?"-


Meet Zoe, Zoe is a secretary at a no-name ambulance chasing law firm, though, to be honest, you can’t really call it a "Law FIRM." More of a grimy, dirty, incredibly FAT no name backstabbing lawyers office, who if there were even a hint of money at the end of a rainbow he would no matter how dirty he had to go do anything required to get as much of it as he could get his grubby fat little hands on.

Why or how Zoe ever ended up working for this "slug" as she likes to refer to him as she could hardly even remember but it is what it is, and she works for him for now. Every time she left that office and closed the frosted glass door with Gold Lettering on it, she felt as though she needed to take a shower. It didn't help that Fred the “Slug,” Loved his Fried chicken and would eat it then go around with greasy fingers touching everything as someone had never taught him that was not a good idea. At least he didn't notice or seem to care. Every time Zoe saw him doing this, she would yell at him because she was the one that would end up having to clean up his mess after the fact or reprint a document that had chicken fat all over it and so when she yelled he would then proceed just to wipe his hand on his shirt. Course this would through Zoe into a whole new fit of rage and horror.

Old Stone Building

Needless to say, today was not much different as she exited the building where the Slug’s office is located her thoughts where on how she ever ended up working for that nasty gross man in the first place and if she would ever find something better. Working for the slug only provided just enough to pay her bills but not much more. Money was always tight, and if she were not careful, she would end up overspending and having to use a credit card.

She was not a bad looking girl after all, with curly sandy blonde hair and light green eyes along with a body that seemed to always stay in shape she was beautiful in anyone's view. She at one point ordered a kickboxing exercise DVD, and she still used it once or twice a week along with the fact that she walked home from work every day she stayed in good shape and should be able to get a job somewhere else but where should she apply. Money was always so tight that it was hard to think about doing anything other than living week to week. But something had to be done.

These thoughts were swirling around and around in her head as she closed on the corner ambling slowly along she stopped dead as she passed the corner of their building. There... Laying on the ground was a Penny, a Nice and Shiny Penny with the sun glinting off of it as though it was just begging to be picked up.

Penny on the Sidewalk

"Why am I staring at this penny?" Zoe Asked herself perplexed as to why it was so fascinating to her. After a second a thought popped into her head "Just Pick it up, It is laying head side up after all... It must be a lucky penny!" Zoe Said to herself "Ya It must be a Lucky penny, and boy could I use some luck ATM, and Money too..." So she picked up the Penny chuckling about how ridiculous it all was. "Humm..." Zoe Said as she stood staring it the penny with people passing by her wondering what on earth she was doing... "You Know, there is a fountain over at the bank just one block over... It wouldn't take but a few minutes to walk over there and pop it in the fountain... Who knows, maybe something good will happen, what's the harm in taking a detour?

So Off Zoe went, On a Mission to the fountain, Arriving at the fountain just a minute or two later she had an odd feeling excited but yet.... The Strangest feeling something she was not able to place. Looking around, Zoe did not think anything looked out of place or wrong; everything seemed fine. No creepy guys were staring at her or anything else to make her feel anything was off. She just had this odd feeling. Dismissing it, Zoe walked up to the fountain after a few moment.

Wishing Fountain

She closed her Eyes as hard as she could and wished. Then, Boop in went the penny. "That was Fun!" She thought, but now it was time to get a move on if she didn't hurry it would be dark by the time she got home, and she has stood around being weirded out by that strange feeling for way longer than she had realized, checking her watch.

Tearing herself away from staring at the water where her coin had gone in and wondered if anything would come of it, Zoe moved away from the fountain faster then she had on the way over. Zoe Had to make up the time that she had wasted taking this detour.


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