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C15 - What will they call me?

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--Chapter 15

Jen slowly became aware. The air was cool but not as moist as yesterday. There was also a slight breeze, the leaves on the trees rustled lightly. Jen could hear the campfire snapping and popping every few minutes, though it was close to going out, she thought. She lay there for some time, but sleep was unwilling to revisit her. Cracking her eyes after laying there for what she could only guess was at least 20 or 30 minutes, Jen could see it was definitely not even close to morning yet. There were no sounds other than the leaves on the trees, the dying fire, and the slow rhythmic deep breathing of the others around the camp. There was not even a hint of sunlight in the sky.

Jen thought it had to be the middle of the night. Irritated, she mumbled to herself, well shit, and with that, she sat up. Leaning back into the trunk of her tree. She first thought of the throbbing pain in her abdomen, then about what she was going to do with this flute. Was she going to have to lug it around? She zoned out, musing over what to do about all of the issues they... No, She was facing. It seemed that the others did not want to leave her or did not know what to do. Maybe they were just afraid of her... Jen did not like the sound of that. She sat there in silence for a while, just staring at the flute. She could hardly even see it in this dim light. Twisting it this way and that to get a better view of it. As she moved it and her hands moved up and down its surface. Each time she moved her hand away, what looked like a tiny pink spark would travel with her hand. Stretching out before snapping back to the flute. Then a thought smacked her in the face; she sat wide-eyed for a moment, looking down at the flute.

Jen realized or instead remembered one of the things that the old man had told her about the flute. What was it! She mumbled, crinkling her nose and screwing her eyes closed, trying to think harder as if that would really do anything to help her remember. She racked her brain; what was it he said? Something about some of my grandfather's energy being absorbed by the flute is why it has power. What if... Speaking to herself out loud, Ok, so I have drawn strength from all kinds of things. Why couldn't I draw energy from this and use it to heal myself? Maybe like, hmm, use it as if it was a battery? Draw some power, then heal myself, then draw some more, and so on... Riiiiight... Ya, No, I think that may work! Because the issue I have had this whole time... Her voice had crept up from a mumble to almost an average speaking volume. Has been I don't have enough energy to fully heal, then I have to rest before I can heal again. That, mmhm, yep, this causes me to damage myself again, losing a lot of that ground I gained. Going to the bathroom or drinking or really anything that involves me moving tears stuff up again. Ya... Jen's voice faded away as she pondered this, realizing that she had been talking a bit louder than she had intended. When one of the females close to her snorted a bit and rolled over.

After some time, Jen thought she would give this new idea a try. She stretched and got comfortable. Crossing her legs and sitting up straight, she felt a pang in her crotch area. She leaned back against the tree for a moment rubbing her crotch and pelvic area in an attempt to make the irritating discomfort go away. The pain slowly eased enough that she could concentrate again.

Focusing, she sent waves of healing down her body to her damaged areas. Jen focused and poured her stored energy into healing, and with each wave of energy released, the next came sooner than the last. Soon they were flowing so fast you could audibly hear a humming as you would from a fan. Her chest and pelvic areas were a blur of pink. Soon, she was out of energy; the waves slowed then stopped. Jen gasped for air, breathing hard for a few moments. This was the fastest she had ever depleted her reserves. Most of the time, she would hold some back for "just in case shit." Jen felt hollow inside, slow and sluggish. Her vision was slightly blurry, and she felt dizzy. Waiting a few moments and clearing her mind, she slowly got back to normal.

Note to self Jen said, Don't do that again! God, that sucked... Taking a deep breath. Now to draw some energy from this flute. Placing both hands on the flute, she began to draw from it. It was surprisingly slow. She was drawing power out of the flute, but it was flowing remarkably slow. Jen tried various things, but nothing really helped much. Other than increasing how much of her body was touching the flute at once. Jen thought, ok, how about if I put it on my right arm, like this... And then hold it with my left hand here... Let's try this...

Jen began again drawing power out of the flute. At first, it was just as slow, thinking to herself, What The Fuck!? But then a rush of energy flowed in, with surprise, she sharply inhaled. The amount of energy flowing in was massive compared to what she had been able to draw with other methods. Within just a few seconds, Jen did not feel good; this was too much. Trying to stop, she opened her eyes; everything was tinted pink. There was a bright pink outline around where the flute was in contact with her right arm. The flute looked as if it was being pushed into her arm. Jen removed her left hand from the flute to break the flow, but the process did not stop. She was becoming dizzy, as if she was holding her breath. It felt like someone was crushing her chest and throat. Jen scratched at her throat; unable to breathe, she coughed and gagged, struggling to take a breath.

Jen franticly pulled at the flute but was unable to detach it from her arm. Jen cried out in fear; unable to stop the flow, she felt the pounding in her head grow. With each thud inside of her head, she thought the next would cause her head to explode. With each massive pulse of energy, the amount flowing into her became greater. The light around the flute brightened with each pulse. Jen held her forehead staring at the flute; it seemed to be sinking into her arm. Her arm began to burn; she could smell the singed hairs then the stench of burning skin. Only half of a second later, the pain hit her; she screamed, loud this time. The glow coming from the flute was so bright now that the whole camp was awash in the bright pink light.

Jen felt like her arm was on fire; she could see the smoke coming off her arm; the flute was glowing cherry red. The others had woken up with the last scream. Backing away from her in fear, they had seen what that flute could do if touched, and they wanted no part of it; Even if it was to help Jen. They now cowered on the other side of the camp. Jen struggled to get up, pushing herself up using the tree as support. She immediately was so dizzy her knees went soft. Scrambling to stay upright, Jen ended up in a pile on the ground. Again she tried, and again her legs went this way, and that way leaving her sprawled in the dirt; Looking like a newborn fawn.

Jen got back up to her hands and knees; with her eyes closed, panting, she fought to breathe. Opening her eyes, she saw drops of pink liquid falling from her cheeks and mouth. Jen wiped her face then stared blankly at the pink glowing fluid on the back of her hand through blurry vision. Jen then looked at her right arm; the light had almost completely gone. There now was only a thin line of light left on her arm. Her vision faded in and out; she could feel her body swaying slightly back and forth. Was this it? Is this how I die, she thought?

All of what she had gone through came flooding back into her head at once. Why does this keep happening to me? She thought. I can not die here. Jen lifted her head to the sky and roared I will NOT DIE, Not Now, Not EVER! The power she had absorbed churned in her insides. It was crying to get out, and Jen could not hold it in. The rage and anger at what she had been put through were too much. Soon the dam holding back all of that power broke.

Jen began shaking violently as the sea of rage churned inside of her. Before she knew what was happening, she had been washed away, now a slave to the power she had absorbed and the rage that filled her whole heart and mind. The glow from her eyes and mouth brightened. The pink liquid that was at first just a drop here and there began to flow like a river about to burst its banks. Jen's eyes were now gone; just two extremely bright pink-shaped "eyes" remained.

Jen slowly rose above the ground. Straightening up, she looked upward. Floating there with her feet about an inch above the ground. Her skin glowed in a pattern that looked like lightning, pulsing out from her chest and into her extremities. Rapidly with each pulse, the glow from under her skin became brighter. The trees and leaves pulsed and moved with her. Waves of energy washed over the ground, moving away from her. Throwing dirt and debris away in a circle outward. The lizardfolk coward in fear and shielded their eyes, looking away from their angry god. Within just a few seconds, her entire body glowed bright pink, accepting for her hair; It was now pure white.

Then it happened, the waves of energy stopped; for just a fraction of a second, it was calm. The lizard people felt light as a feather lifting up off the ground slightly. Daring to look through their shielding fingers, the dirt that had been flying out in waves was still in mid-flight. Floating there in the air, slowly moving outwards. There was even a few leaves that had been shaken loose. Slowly rotating on their way down to the ground. It was like everything had been slowed down, like time its self had slowed to just a crawl. They wondered in amazement at what they were seeing.

Then without warning, Jen threw her hands up, and with her head pointed at the sky, she screamed. The blast wave hit everything with such force that tree limbs were torn off. Leaves stripped from their branches. Dirt pelted all of the foliage close to the ground and knocked all of the lizard people back. Being caught unaware many of them were taken off their feet and flew backward, smashing into the trees at the camp's edge and pinning them in place.

A great beam of bright pink light formed and erupted from in front of Jen. The beam height was as large as the distance from Jen's head to her stomach. Shooting up into the sky, the beam quickly cut through the trees' branches above unabated and continued out into the night sky.

After a few seconds, the beam and the scream slowly diminished, tell they were gone. Jen's head sagged. The branches, leaves, dirt all slowed and began to float in place again. There was only silence. The lizardfolk pinned to the trees slowly slipped down to the ground. As the field weakened, Jen collapsed into the dirt. Instantly, all of the branches, leaves, and dirt that had been floating sped on their way. The sound of falling sticks, branches, raining dirt, and small rocks filled the air for a few seconds. Then there was silence, excepting for Jen's crying. She lay there curled up where she had fallen.

A few moments passed then the scarred one got up; brushing off the dirt and leaves, he moved towards Jen. Some of the other females called out to him with a low rumbling hiss to say stop / don't, but he ignored them. Sitting down next to Jen, he placed his hand slowly down on her left arm. Jen Violently recoiled, her eyes popped open. The pink glow had been replaced with a bright red light, along with a snarl. Glowing tears ran down her face as she continued to snarl at him. Flinching for a second but staring into her bright eyes. he winced slightly in pain from the brightness; it felt like he was looking directly at the sun. Slowly his hand came down again on her arm and rested there. The snarl faded, and soon after, the glow coming from her eyes faded as well. Jen closed her eyes and resumed crying. He patted her arm reassuringly. The others, having recovered from the ordeal and yet still flustered. Talked in very hushed tones on the other side of the camp.

After some time, Jen tried to get up but promptly almost fell again, if it had not been for the scarred one catching her. He helped her over to the tree she had been sleeping under. They sat, and Jen placed her head on his chest, crying still. He embraced her, wrapping his arms fully around her. Relaxing back, he leaned on the tree that Jen had called home for some time now.

Jen was exhausted and soon fell asleep. Sometime later, she woke and was surprised that the scarred one was still sitting with her. It had to have been another four or five hours that she had slept. It was light out and at least two hours after sunrise. Jen could not do much of anything; even lifting her arm to look at it was a task. There was a good-sized scar running up her arm. From the back of her right hand, up to almost her shoulder. She sighed and closed her eyes again. I don't want to think about this right now.

A few hours later, she woke up and again was surprised he was still with her. But she felt much better now, so that was good. She could feel that he was looking down at her. Looking up at him, he gave her a toothy grin. Jen thought, well, that was just disturbing, seeing hundreds of what looked like razor-sharp teeth. Thinking to herself, maybe since we have no food, they are going to eat me now... For Dinner... God! I hope not! That would just suck. Jen laughed to herself out loud.

The scarred one took that as a good sign it was all ok now; looking up, he pointed into the sky. Jen looked up where he was pointing. There was a sizeable clean round hole in the tree canopy at an upward angle. What's that Jen said. The scarred one poked her in the chest with one of his claws, then pointed at the sky again. Jen looked at him and then looked at the trees again. Your saying I did that? Pointing at it then at herself. Nodding vigorously, he made some clacking noises. Jen frowned, so I fried some leaves, so what? I don't get it.

The scarred one seemed to since she did not understand; So he helped her up and walked with her to the trees' edge where there was a clear view of the sky. Pointing again, the scarred one motioned into the sky than at Jen. Jen looked and was dumbfounded. She stared into the sky; there was nothing in her head, no thoughts at all. A few moments later, she said, No way shaking her head. There is just no way! The scarred one noded and pointed into the sky and back at her again.

Jen stared up in awe. Could it really be true? Did she really do that? Looking down at the scar on her right arm. She realized that her crotch and her pelvic area did not hurt at all. Since they fled, she always was in pain; it was just a matter of how much. Now the pain was gone entirely for the first time. She had been fully healed. Maybe it was true.

The planet in the sky being eaten by the black hole. Now displayed a rather large round hole through its middle. Large cracks radiated out from the missing spot. Chunks were already starting to break off the planet and had begun to drift towards the black hole.

Could I have really done that? Jen thought as she stared in awe at the damage caused. If so, then what will they call me? Looking back at the lizard people in the camp. Maybe they will call me a monster to be feared? Or perhaps a god to be worshiped? To be honest, she thought I don't want either of them. I just want to go home. I just want to be normal again. Why me, why can't I just wake up and be done with this nightmare!?

She stared up at the sky. Mom, where are you? Are you ok? Where am I? How do I get back to you? Feeling more alone than she ever had before, emotions of sadness washed over Jen, and she dropped her eyes to the ground. Moving slowly back to her tree. Despite the sun being up. As she shuffled back to her tree, Jen said absentmindedly I need to sleep. Just a little bit more sleep, just a little bit more. Then I'll deal with all of these problems. Later, tomorrow, not now... Yes! I know I am a procrastinator. But Later... I'll deal with it later. Laying down, she quickly fell into the void.


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