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C14 - Oops, I Killed her?

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

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--Chapter 14

Jen woke to the sounds of leaves rustling in the wind, birds singing, and many other sounds unknown the next morning. She lay there next to her tree. The sounds and the smell of smoke brought back memories of long ago. Swiming in them old distant memories made Jen smile. The dawn was just breaking. The air was moist and cool compared to the day before. Animals in the trees had started making noise as they also awoke. It was soothing just listening to them go at it as if they did not have a care in the world. Her back was stiff from lying on the hard ground. But she was not ready to open her eyes yet; still, she was feeling better than yesterday. Even so, she was worried about moving as she was clearly not healed yet. A clear sign of this was the throbbing in her pelvis area.

If only I could stay just like this, forever and ever, Jen thought to herself. Her fantasies soon ended, though, as she could hear the others starting to stir from their sleep.

A couple began to murmur together using low voices. They seemed to be trying to not disturb the others. But there were not many other sounds other than the animals, and their voices still carried. Jen could easily listen to them, That is if she could have understood them. She could make out each word for the most part. She was sure the others would be awake soon as well.

Jen thought she should probably start her day by doing a bit more healing before the others got up. Her stomach and pelvic areas were in a lot of pain. There would be no way she could even sit up at this point without possibly tearing something again. Jen brought her hands up, and making a pyramid with her index and thumbs, she focused. Pulling in energy from around her. After having absorbed this energy, she sent it out in waves down through her body in the form of healing. Not having tried this before, she was surprised at how effective it was. Nature seemed to be another source of energy she could use to fuel her powers. She said to herself, "Make a note of that one Jen."

The two on the other side of the camp, talking in low voices, had stopped for a moment; Jen guessed to check out what she was doing. But started up again a bit louder now, seeing she was awake emboldened them to talk in a more normal volume. Thinking to herself, "They must see me as important to them, or maybe they are just afraid of me." She frowned at the thought of the latter. Outpacing the amount of energy she was drawing compared to the amount she was expending. Jen wanted to finish this up so she could be done before the others woke up. She increased the rate at which the pulses were going down through her body. As such, the speed of healing increased. Before long, she was low on power and stopped the healing waves. But continued drawing energy in till she was mostly full again. With a gasp from the exertion, she dropped her hands to her sides and relaxed. Breathing heavily for a moment, she tried to catch her breath. The pain was mostly gone now, and she thought she may be able to sit up after a few minutes.

Jen rolled onto her side and half-opened her eyes. Watching the two on the other end of the camp for no real good reason other than for something to look at. The two by the fire seemed to note her finishing up and rolling over. The female waved at the other lizard-man to go away. Then came over with a water sack to Jen. The male headed out into the jungle, maybe to get more water, food, or something, Jen thought. The female lizard helped Jen sat up and leaned her against the tree. Where she had slept and helped her get a drink. Jen drank greedily, but really who could blame her, she thought. After all, every time I move, I end up leaving a trail or, for that matter, a pool of blood. Will this ever end!? Groaning, she relaxed back against the, ouch! Very poky, I mean, "Very Nice!!" Tree, snickering to herself. The trunk of the tree had small nobs and poky bits all around the base. They were not sharp, but they were poky enough to be irritating sometimes.

The days dragged on and on; it seemed like forever with nothing to do but heal and sleep. Being so worried about even moving the slightest bit, Jen stayed still as much as she could. Then when she did move, she moved very slow. To take up the time, she healed as much as she could and then slept. There was a lot of infighting among the lizard people. Since Jen could not understand them, there was no point in paying any attention to them. She thought to herself, "At least there was no more pulling of knives or any of that happening."

As time went on, she noted a change in the food they were giving her. They had been supplementing the food they had brought from the cave with berries and roots. But slowly, both began to dwindle, with fewer and fewer of both. She noted that more of them were going out each day, but they returned with less in-spite of most of them now going out daily. "So it seems we are running out of food." Jen thought to herself. But what made it worse was each day, this went on. The fighting became worse each night. Most of the time, she noted that someone would point at her, so she was the source of the conflicts.

Getting better each day but not nearly as fast as she would have liked. Now able to get up and use the bathroom independently and get her own water from one of the water skins. But she still moved very slow and was in pain most of the time. At this point, she could not go very far without stopping for a rest, but it was progressively getting better. The question now was will their food last longer than it would take her to travel for more than a few minutes without a rest.

Finally, the day came where it all got blown to hell. One of the last to return returned with only a handful of berries. It seemed everyone else returned with about the same or less. None of the food remained that they had brought with them. She gathered they did not have an adequate amount of food to feed everyone. The yelling had started, then the fighting, and before she could even blink. Many of them were rolling around in the dirt. Her scarred one and a few females stood close to where Jen was sitting, watching the brawl. A few of the most loyal females stayed close to the scarred one, Or close to Jen. And he almost always stayed close to her. He looked over at her, and Jen motioned WTF, pointing at the others rolling around in the dirt. He returned, motion for food in the mouth, shaking his head no, then just stared at the ground.

Jen had thought to do another round of healing for a few minutes. Before, all this had started, and then get some sleep, but now she was worried. Thinking it over, maybe she could try to come up with a way to fix this food issue. What could it hurt to try after all?

Sitting up straight, crossing her legs, so she was more comfortable. She placed her hands in her lap and touched all of her fingertips together, then focused. Drawing forth energy, she visualized the issue. A, She needed a way to heal faster. B, She needed food or a way to get food.

The lizard-man noted that she was doing something and noticed it was not healing. Other than healing herself and them, The scarred one had not seen her do anything else with her powers since they had fleed. This whole time they had been stuck here waiting on her to be able to move.

No, this was something new, and the lizard-man was very interested. Peering at Jen, The scarred one noticed a pink light forming inside her two hands. It grew brighter and brighter until even the others took note and started to calm down to watch. One by one, they picked there selfs up, dusting their close off, and came over to sit down around Jen. This was new, this was interesting, what was she doing? This is bright; this is TOO BRIGHT! The lizard people shielded their eyes, starting to back away.

Then with a flash, the light was gone, but no one could see a thing just pink. Everyone's vision was pink, sounds of concern in the lizardfolk's voices started to become apparent. After a few moments, Jen could feel something cold in her hands, slim, long, and slender. Their vision slowly cleared. Jen looked down, and it was that DAMN FLUTE AGAIN! The lizard people approached with visible curiosity on their faces. Jen sat there, thinking, what in the hell? How does this help me get either of the two things we need? She growled in frustration and leaned back against the tree. As she pondered, they moved in, looking closer until one of the lizard females reached out one of her claws and slowly. Using her index claw, she tapped the flute quickly. With a flash, a pink arc of lightning struck her, and she was flying. She flew 10 feet in the air, hitting some of the lower smaller branches of the trees along the way back and up. Then down again, with a crash, she hit the hard ground, rolling and skittering across the open dirt in the middle of their camp. Stopped by way of the tree, she smashed into sideways, bending almost entirely in two backward around the trunk of the tree. She lay on the ground and remained there, looking to be lifeless, twitching slightly but otherwise not moving.

All of them, including Jen, stared in horror, "WTF just happened?!" Jen said. All of the lizard people slowly turned their heads and looked at Jen, then the flute. Jen scrambled, trying to think. The only thing she could think was that the flute must have been still energized from however it got here. How it happened was a question for another time; she needed to see if she could fix the lizard lady and fast if she was indeed dead; they had only a few minutes to try.

All of them looked at the female lizard again, and Jen snapped her fingers then clapped repeatedly to get their attention. Jen pointed at the female lizard vigorously, then beckoned to say, bring her here, aiming at the dirt in front of her. None of them moved; looking over at the scarred one, she signed WTF at him, and he barked. The others jumped and moved quickly, dragging the body over to where Jen had said to put it, quickly backing away.

Jen leaned over the body and checked for a pulse. Next, She checked her breathing. She did not seem to have a heartbeat that she could detect, and she did not seem to be breathing either. Jen thought, "Well, Fuck me! She is dead!" Thinking for a second, Jen said, Fuck it! Might as well give it a try. With that still holding the flute, she began trying to heal her. Rather than a glow starting under her hands. Jen immediately noted it was coming out of the end of the flute. The more she focused, the more it flowed. She concentrated as hard as she could, and a massive torrent of energy flowed forth and into the chest of the Lizard lady. The flow increased in size until it looked more like a giant fountain you may see on the fourth of July. Jen had no idea if this was healing her or if she was about to burst into flames.

Within seconds Jen started to hear the horrific sounds of creaking and cracking as the bones in its body were put back in place. Pushing even harder, Jen was unwilling to give up; the female lizard had to be saved; Jen pressed as hard as she could, giving everything she had. A few seconds later, the Lizard lady's back arched, the arms and legs began to thrash. Then the Lizard lady in-hailed fast and hard. Jen stopped healing; she collapsed back to the ground and screeched a horrifying whaling scream, writhing in pain. The Lizard-man yelled and motioned at the writhing female. The others jumped forward, holding her in place. Jen started healing again but more slowly this time, slowly, slowly, the Lizard-lady stopped and finally relaxed, lying there unconscious.

Jen's hands were twitching with adrenaline, dropping the flute on her lap; she leaned back against the tree behind her, closing her eyes and relaxing. The mood in the camp seemed to relax a bit. But they all were staring at Jen. Even if it was just out of the corner of their eye, Jen knew they were staring at her. She could not tell what they were thinking, "Do they think I'm a monster? Are they afraid of me? Do they want to attack/kill me, but they are just too afraid? OMG, WTF is happening to me?! I just want to go HOME!" Jen began to cry and buried her face in her hands.

Jumping and recoiling a bit at the touch of the scaly skin, she looked up to see the Lizard-Man sitting down next to her. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her close. She continued to cry for a few more minutes before relaxing and just leaning against his chest there in his arms. The others did not say a word or even move; they just stayed right where they were. A few moments later, Jen felt a scaly claw of a hand on her ankle and jumped. Looking down, she saw the Lizard-lady's eyes were open, and she was smiling. Jen sat up and began examining her but was quickly shooed away. She evidently was fully healed, the female lizard sat up, and the others collectively breathed a sigh of relief. Jen began to laugh uncontrollably, then threw her arms around the Lizard-lady's neck and hugged her tight. The collective's mood was much improved.

Getting up, Jen and the others went slowly over to the fire, and all quarrels for now at least were on hold. Dividing up the small amount of food they did have and eating it slowly to savor it. They talked eagerly, and Jen felt that she had finally possibly been accepted; the feeling was incredible. She could not understand a word they were saying, but she felt good, and everyone was happy, at least for now they were. Jen wanted to enjoy it; who knows what tomorrow would bring or what other horrors they would need to endure to keep breathing for another day. But whatever it was, Jen felt with this new comradery that seemed to have come about through this; it would allow them to bear it, whatever it was.

As the night fell and things slowed down, Jen's mind wandered, she had so many questions, and it seemed she was the only one that could figure them all out. Getting up slowly and moving towards her tree, she wondered if she could heal that Lizard-lady like that. Could she finish healing herself entirely now? And what about food? It would not be long at this rate. They would start to lose people; everyone had already started losing weight due to the rationing. Something needed to be done about that. Maybe she could heal, then they could move, which would allow them to find food in the new area?

Jen thought to herself, "I dono, I guess we'll see tomorrow. I'm exhausted; after all, I saved someone from death today..." Jen smiled, still not able to believe that really happened. Arriving at her tree, she sat down. Looking over at the fire and at the very much alive Lizard-lady. All full of life and happy surrounded by the rest of the group so delighted that she was still alive. Or rather alive again after Jen had inadvertently killed her. Jen just shook her head again in disbelieve over the whole thing. Laying down, drifting off to sleep, she thought, "That is something to figure out for another day, it's time to sleep now..."


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