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C13 - Leadership order, established

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

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--Chapter 13

Many days had passed as they continued to move through the desert towards the distant trees. The scarred lizard-man continued to carry Jen, but a few days ago, he had been able to stop holding the cloth in her groin area as it had stopped leaking blood. Jen had been focusing on healing as much as she could each day. But being so bad off that was not much. As soon as she ran out of energy, she would pass out for hours before waking again and repeating the process. At first, she thought her efforts to heal herself were meaningless and doing nothing; she was only barely keeping herself alive. She did not feel that she could keep this up very much longer and, at this point, was just scarcely still living. But as time marched on, she noticed she had begun gaining ground and started to feel better slowly. The leaking had slowed and then stopped altogether. The extreme pain had started to ease up—the fire burning up through her core. As well as the spikes of lightning, all had begun to fade and lessen over the days slowly. As the days slipped by and bit by bit, the grains of sand dropped through the hourglass. Each time Jen recovered from being passed out, another chunk of time had slipped like sand through her fingers. Losing time like this, and only being awake for small pieces of it, felt to Jen like she was growing old, but on fast forward.

It was after one such descent into the blackness that was the void, Jen awoke, her mouth dry; her lips cracked, peeling and painful much more this time than last. They had been without water for two days now, traveling mostly at night across the sand and finding shelter during most of the days' hottest hours. During the daytime, the sun was beating down on the desert sand. For some reason, the sun would burn your skin if you were out in it much worse here than it did at home. The first day they ran for hours and hours in the direct sunlight, and they had paid the price for it. The sun had inflicted burns on the lizard people's backs before they had been able to stop and take shelter. The lizard people seemed to be even worse off than she was. She thought it may be because of their scaly skin. It seemed to be already naturally dry. Add in the heat and the sun plus the lack of water. She could see many of them had peeling skin revealing pink raw patches, as well as cracks on their scaly hide that was apparently very painful.

Jolted awake, Jen looked up and around. The scarred one was setting Jen down next to a tree; they had reached the jungle-like area. The air here was a lot cooler and moister than it had been out on the sand. The shade cast by the trees against the morning sun was comforting; Jen now felt like there was finally hope that they may live through this. Jen had lost count of how many days it had been, but it had been very rough. She had spent most of the time awake with her eyes closed and her head turned into the lizard-man's chest. Placing one of her hands over the side of her face to block out the sun. There was some time in the morning and evening that they could travel that did not cause burns. The rest of the time, it had been pitch black with hardly any stars to speak of; on earth, if the sky was clear, you could see a sea of stars out there. Here there was almost exclusively blackness that greeted you at night. Barring the burning planet being torn apart overhead.


Able to look around without the sun blinding her made Jen smile; at last, she could see without being overwhelmed. It was light out without being so incredibly scorching hot now that they were under the shade of the trees and underbrush.

Jen slowly rolled onto her side and placed one arm under her head, watching the lizard people moving around busily getting the campsite in order. Two of them were working on a campfire in the center area. But Jen thought they seemed to be doing more arguing than anything else. Others were going over their remaining supplies they had left. And another was sitting on a fallen log and hitting one rock on another, then checking the first. In no time, their makeshift camp was cleared of brush, and a fire was going. The scarred one had gone and found water, bringing it back to the group. Everyone had stopped what they were doing and sat down for a minute to have a long drink. He then came to help Jen get a drink, it was awkward taking a drink while on her side, but she did not want to risk sitting up. She did get a good swig after a few failed attempts and a bit of dribbling out the side of her mouth. Laying back to rest, now much more content that things were in order and they could relax for a bit.

Jen had fallen asleep this time rather than passing out, and man, what glories sleep it was, despite the hard ground and stiffness that it caused. She felt so much better when she awoke with a start. The day had slipped away as she was sleeping. The light in the sky was now only a dim glow. The light being cast from the campfire caused the shadows to dance throughout the camp and in the trees. Shadows twisted this way and that as the fire crackled. Spitting embers at the sky like some form of defiance at the darkness.

Jen could hear some of the lizard people were in a heated argument; raised voices echoed around the camp. Jen grimmest, thinking what kind of creepy-crawly animals out there must hear their yelling and would be coming to have a look-see at what was going on.


Propping herself up just a bit, she looked over at the fire in the middle of the camp. She could see them all around it; two males were in the thick of it, facing off only inches away from each other's faces. Jen noted the one with his back to the fire looked to be the scarred one, and the other facing him was jabbing him in the chest with his pointy, sharp index fingernail. He violently pointed over Jen's direction and then started poking the scarred one again as they argued but more dramatically this time. Jen began to grow worried at this point after he had pointed at her, the others started to get into it as well, and the sound level was going up bit by bit. With that, Jen had to do something. She could not take care of herself yet, and she needed them to help her; she could not let things break down like this.

Struggling to move, her stiff side and back made it difficult, not to mention the screaming that her pelvic area was doing. Then Jen heard it, and without even seeing what was happening over there, she knew it was terrible. Pushing herself up to her hands and knees, she looked over that way panting at the exertion. Most of the other lizard people had quieted down and sat back down. The accusing lizard-man had stepped back a pace and held a small knife out at the throat of the scarred one. Jen tried to yell out for them to stop, but her voice was hoarse and hardly made any noise louder than a whisper. Everything was quiet now, and the urgency to act spurred Jen on despite the searing pain she felt inside of her. Pushing herself up and steadying herself with the tree behind her, taking a few steps forward to get a better angle. Jen stopped. She could feel the inside of her thighs were warm and slick, with blood from whatever she tore getting up. Jen placed her feet wide to stay balanced, aimed, and fired a bolt at the lizard-man holding the knife. The bolt slipped by the scarred one and wham. It smacked into the shoulder of the arm, holding the knife to his throat, causing the blade to gash a small shallow cut across his chin, missing its mark. The accusing lizard-man being struck by the bolt-on his right shoulder spun around four times as he flew back three-foot hitting a tree, and slumped over on the ground.

The lizard people gasped in shock at this turn of events as none of them even were aware that Jen was awake, let alone was in any condition to do something like this. All of them slowly looked over at Jen, Standing there wobbly and weak from the exertion. Their eyes connected with Jen's; she waved her arm slowly from right to left and said. "No more!" One by one, their eyes went down to examine her feet. Jen, seeing this looked down to see that the insides of her legs were covered in blood. And a pool of blood was forming around her feet. The weakness began to seep into her; she attempted to steady herself, she could make it back to the... She was falling backward, landing hard on the ground. Jen's head spun; the trees overhead seemed to twist this way and then back that way. Jen was quite dizzy. The lizard people were silent, Jen focused, a pink glow radiated out of her stomach and groin area, waves washed over her as she worked. The bleeding slowed. Then it stopped, having made only small miner fixes staunching the blood flow to temporarily stop the dizziness. The scarred one had come over and helped her sit back up again where she had fallen.

Jen reached up and ran her finger along his chin. As it passed over the shallow cut, her finger glowed pink and left no wound behind after passing. The other were ahhed in amazement as what they had seen. The accusing lizard-man began to wake up and groaned in pain from the deep hole in his shoulder that the bolt had made.

Jen looked the scarred one in the eyes, tapped his chest, then pointed at the wounded lizard-man and motioned that he be brought over. The scarred one went and got the injured lizard-man dragging him over to her and roughly throwing him down in front of her. The injured lizard-man held his shoulder, rocking back and forth in pain. Jen looked into his eyes, He seemed to be afraid, and she thought he may be wondering if she was now going to kill him. Jen motioned for him to come closer. Sitting upon his knees and then looking around. The scarred one poked him in the back of the neck. He began inching forward slowly. Jen pulled his hand away from the wound and replaced it with her own. Pressing hard, he groaned in pain, then a pink glow came out from under her hand, the lizard-man's tense body began to relax. The light radiated out across his body, slowly working its way out to soothe all his wounds. By the time she was done, the other lizard people had all come forward and knelt behind him, watching in anticipation. The lizard-man was so relaxed now when she stopped that he fell face-first onto the ground before regaining his composure and looking up at Jen. The others all snickered a bit at this. Eyes down in shame, he grasped Jen's hand and kissed it repeatedly. Still, on his knees, he backed some distance away before getting to his feet and going to sit under a tree on the other side of the camp.

The others moved in, hoping that Jen would help with their not-so-significant wounds, causing them all a lot of pain and discomfort. She healed each, one by one; they came they were healed, kissed her hands, and backed away eyes down like the first. After they were all healed, Jen was so tired again, motioning to the scarred one for help. Helping her back to her tree and leaving the pool of blood where she had been sitting. The lizard-man laid her down again on her back, and she focused on stopping the remaining leaks. Motioning for his favorite female to help him, the two began to clean the blood from her bloody groin, thighs, legs, and feet with their tongues. She had soiled the cloth over her groin and the flap covering it. He would need to replace them both.

Jen was embarrassed that she could not clean up her own private area; their tongues were so scratchy and yet soft. She did not know what to really think about this. The fact that they were licking her blood off of her seemed disturbing. It is unsettling, isn't it? She thought to herself. But it did feel good somehow, almost like a massage. But what if they decided that she tasted so good? Maybe she would end up becoming dinner. Oh god. Thought Jen, I have to stop thinking about this. Knowing that there was nothing she could do about it right now. Jen let them do what they needed to do, instead focusing on her healing. Resigned, she allowed herself to slip backward bit by bit as she ran out of energy for healing, Soon stopping altogether. Jen could feel the lizard people still working on getting her cleaned up when she fell again back into the arms of the darkness of the void.


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