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C12 - If we run, we may live

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

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The silence was deafening. The creatures over by the walls had now approached but kept their distance. Watching from the safety of the shadows. Jen twitched a bit, eager to know how this would turn out, and yet deathly afraid at the same time, she just wanted whatever was going to happen, over and done. Time seemed to stand still. Everyone seemed to have been frozen in place. Other than the odd twitch here and there, no one moved. They just stood there, staring at the older lizard whose mouth was half open and hands half extended towards the head on the ground frozen in place. Half of them awaited a response from the older lizard, and the other half stared angrily at Jen. Finally, they began to murmur amongst themselves.

Jens anxiety only grew exponentially when the older lizard-man dropped to his knees and began to screech, chatter, and grind his teeth. Pound the sand and tear at the simple clothes he was wearing. Jen's eyes bulged in horror at the sight, as all the lizard people almost immediately followed suit. This was not good, not good at all, Jen thought. The noise they made was ear-splitting to the point that it was vibrating the cavern walls, causing dust to fall from the ceiling around the cavern. Jen started feeling dizzy and sick to her stomach within seconds; she could not help but release her blade and cover her ears due to the pain that the noise was causing to her.

Lions and a Zebra

Jen had no idea where this was going, but it was NOT GOOD! Not good at all; she had that feeling she got when something was about to go terribly wrong. Many thoughts flashed through her mind during those few seconds, but the ones that bothered her the most were, why were they all screeching? Is one of their group that important to the whole, that it would/could cause this? And why were these others that had stabbed her in the back not joining in with whatever this was? Is this all they are going to do, or are they going to attack? Would they kill her? Like a Zebra, facing a group of hungry Lions closing in from all sides, Jen was frightened, no petrified. The only thought that she could think was, "I Don't want to die!"; This repeated over and over in her head; she closed her eyes and pressed hard on her ears to try and drown out the screeching.

Then as suddenly as it had started, they all stopped, and there was only one voice that rang out in the now silent cavern. Dripping with Hatred "Blok'ram Tim, blok'ram Tim oun!" Hearing the sound, Jen opened her eyes and was met by a vicious punch to the face, flinging her back and to the left, right into the wall. Smacking the left side of her forehead on the stone. She slowly fell face down into the sand, stunned. She rolled over and stared up at the ceiling of the cavern. There was nothing, no thoughts in her head, none at all. It was like she had momentarily lost the ability to think. She just lay there and stared as though she was petrified. Everything was blurry and spinning. She could not understand why she could not focus on clearing her vision and did not seem to have the ability to think.

Jen could hear shuffling and other sounds coming from her left where the lizard-men that had been standing behind her were. She slowly moved her head left to look; she could hardly move her head. It seemed like it weighed a hundred pounds—a trickle of warm blood run down the left side of her face. Like a stream, it gushed down her face and into her eye, partially blinding her. Slowly she touched her face and pulled her hand back to see her hand dripping with blood. The feeling of panic started to set in again. Looking to see what was going on, she focused as hard as she could on the lizard people. She saw the three lizard-men that had been standing behind her were now kneeling. They had been restrained; their arms were behind their back, and they were tied. The older lizard had picked up the female's head and was holding it at eye level. It seemed like he was talking to it?! Jen, through the fog in her mind, thought to herself, "Man, these things are downright bizarre."

About this time, Jen could hear noises coming from the far wall where the huts were. It sounded like an altercation had broken out. Jen slowly tried to roll onto her side to pull herself up and get a better vantage point. When three lizard-men approached through the crowd dragging three female lizard things along with them backward via a rope of some sort around their necks. Jen stared at this new development, her mind starting to clear but still very foggy. She stared dumbfounded at the commotion with her mouth hanging half-open. Thinking to herself, "What The Fuck?" Throwing them down with the lizard-men and then moving back behind the older lizard. The females were choking and coughing; they skittered back away from the crowd. Hiding behind the tied up lizard-men on their hands and knees. They looked all around frightened, their eyes darting here and there. At each other and then at the older lizard-man, then the crowd repeatedly, they seemed to be expecting the old lizard to say or do something.

The look on the females' faces was pure terror. Their demeanor started to soak into Jen's muddled mind. She realized she was in a lot more danger than she could have comprehended. Still, Jens mind was too foggy to do much of anything yet, try as she might. She began attempting to focus, but with her head in so much pain pounding as it was, she just could not get her mind to work right; she needed time to recover. Jen kept fighting to clear her mind so that she could focus again as soon as possible.


Jen was still very dizzy and unable to even stand up; she tried as hard as possible to get her head back in order. The old lizard-man looked up and shouted out while pointing at Jen with a skinny boney finger shaking violently in either rage or grief. "Blok'rin erun nom, Tiki on odisen. Nom domn nom".

Fear struck Jen right in her heart like a dagger; she felt like her heart had stopped. Her stomach did a flip-flop as five lizard-men jumped up immediately sporting long thin bat-like sticks, starting to move forward swiftly. Two went for Jen, and the other three went for the females cowering to Jens right. The females began to screech and backpedaled, attempting to get away down the passageway or at least delay what was coming. Jen thought, "What is coming? What, is, this?" Glancing quickly over at the lizard females, all Jen could think is whatever this is, I just hope they don't kill me.

Seeing the two lizard-men coming, Jen pushed herself up to her feet, thinking, "It's now or never!" but she instantly regretted it. Her head immediately began to pound like a crazy person was inside her head, beating on the inside of her skull as hard as they could. Her vision warped and swam; she swung at the first one and totally missed by a mile. As she overbalanced, he popped her in the back of the head, quick and hard. She fell face-first into the sand. They then proceeded to beat Jen, just to be sure she would stay compliant. Jen could hear the screams of the other lizard-females being abused. Then as they dragged them away, kicking and screaming. She listened to the sand they were kicking up, landing all over the place. But she could do nothing under the barrage of the blows being landed except try to cover up the best she could and protect herself. After one particularly nasty hit, Jen's hearing went silent. All she could hear was a high-pitched squeal.

Jen's head was swimming, and she felt sick as the two lizard-men hauled her away, one holding onto each of her bare feet. Jen could feel the roughness and scaliness of their hands gripping her as they dragged her along, but she could also feel the half-inch nails that were digging into both of her calf/ankle areas. Her body was limp and lifeless; she could not move at all. Her arms and head bounced all over as they drug her along. The sand was soft, but being drug feet first like this allowed sand to creep into what was left of her jeans and work its way into her crotch area. The irritation of the sand getting all up in there registered right before everything faded to black for a moment, but then a scream brought Jen back. Opening her eyes, she was greeted with the view of one of the females being beaten viciously; the thudding sounds coming from that direction made Jen feel sick. Lying facedown, she opened her eyes, all six of the lizard-people thrown down by Jen earlier. Three males and three females now lay lined up face down close to the fire. Jen looked the other direction but instantly regretted it.

There next to her were the two lizard-men, looking down at her. One half knelt hard onto her neck, pinning her to the ground and mostly cutting off her air, driving her head into the sand. Jen struggled to breathe; she flailed in an attempt to get free but to no avail. She could feel the blood pressure rising in her head like she was holding her breath. As he held her down, he grabbed her arms and tied them behind her back. The other lizard-man sat on her legs. Then tied her ankles together with some kind of binding as well. They picked her up and, from a standing position, they immediately threw Jen back first down onto the ground. Kneeling on her neck again but in a way that allowed her to see him. He took one of his hands, including the large nails that adorned each finger, and held it up for her to see. Jen became even more frantic, tried to focus, and worked to wriggle free. He began to claw her. Pressing his claws in below her belly button and dragging down slowly, the nails seemed to cut Jen's flesh as smoothly as if he was cutting through paper.

Slicing away the remainder of her jeans and underwear with no effort at all. Jen flailed wildly to no avail. This amused the lizard-man but did nothing towards getting her free of their grasp. The lizard-man down by her feet pulled free the remanence of her underwear and jeans and flung them into the fire. Blood ran freely from the deep cuts inflicted by the claws in the process of removing the remainders of her clothing. The two lizard-men picked her up by her arms. Half standing, half being held up, now completely naked and bleeding from her stomach area, head swimming and feeling like the sand was moving under her feet.

Looking up, she saw where they were going, and it dawned on Jen what was happening. She screamed out NO NO NO! Attempting again to break free again. The lizard-man on her left said something to the one on the right and followed it up with a bash up against the back of Jen's head. Her head was now pounding even worse, and she had to stop. Hanging there limply between the two, she started to cry; she had lost, there was nothing left to be done, there was no time, she would be dead soon. Through her tears and runny nose, she said, "I'm sorry, mom, I failed you." A moment later, the old lizard-man came up to her. Jen hung there limply, feeling defeated. One of the lizard-men roughly grabbed at her hair and pulled her head up to look at the old lizard-man. He shoved the deceased female's head in her face, then screamed some stuff that she could not make out. After a moment of this screaming and showing off the head to Jen, he stopped, turned away, and started to walk back towards the mud huts, more calmly this time, he said as he was walking away. "Blok'ram run."

Jen was crying freely, tears running down her face as they dragged her forward. Next to the bonfire stuck in the ground. Leaning slightly towards the fire was a substantial spike—about one and a half inches around and about six-foot-long with small barbs facing up all over it. There were two stumps next to the pole; the lizard-men climbed upon them, hoisting Jen high, placing the spike between her legs they pulled her down onto it hard. Jen screamed out as the spike, and its barbs tore up through her insides. They pulled on her arms this way and that pulling her down onto the spike further and further. Jen passed out for a moment, then screamed out as she came to again.

The pain inside her was like a fire burning her alive; it radiated into every part of her body. Her whole body started twitching as though she was cold, but no, she was not cold; she was hot from the fire that had already started to singe the hair off the entire front of her body, slowly scorching her. She shivered from the extreme amount of pain in every part of her body, radiating from that terrible pole and the fire slowly cooking her alive. Coming in and out of consciousness as blood ran down the pole and dripped off onto the sand. There was quite a pool of blood forming close to the base of the pole, she noted. The spike had torn a path through her insides, and now she was dangling helplessly on it. Sure to die soon. But at least she was not being pulled down anymore; her lizard-men had at some point left, she guessed. Jen could hear some commotion to her left; feeling like she was drunk from the extreme pain, she slowly moved her head left. She noted none of the other lizard people were lying on the sand where they had been just moments ago. Jen said to herself, "Huh?" puzzled that they were all now gone. Or had it been more than a few moments?

What was making that noise? Then a lizard-man came into view, flying backward, his little stick skittering away from him on the sand in the other direction. Jen could smell her hair burning and hear her flesh starting to sizzle as the fire was cooking her alive. Landing on his back, he frantically grabbed at his neck as blood pumped into the air, like a mini fountain. Again, Jen said to herself, "Huh?" Then it became clear as the three females jumped on him, tearing and shredding the poor thing to bits in a matter of seconds, leaving only bits and a massive stain of blood and gore. Jen's eyes went all big. Suddenly she seemed to snap out of it. Thinking, what was going on? And where did all the others go? Shouts rang out from behind Jen from the direction of the mud huts'. Then two lizard-men came around the bonfire, coming right for Jen. She could not be sure, but she thought that one of them was the one that had stabbed her in the back.

Another male came around the other side of the fire blood was flowing from four massive gashes across his chest. He said something to the females forcefully, and they abandoned the dead guard, with blood still dripping from their mouths and claws. For that matter, the front of their entire body was covered in blood. They joined the other two males around Jen. Talking rapidly amongst their selves for a half-second. The one with the white scar under his right eye that had stabbed Jen stood in front of her. Between her and the fire. As soon as he stepped in front of her, the heat that had been burning her flesh was gone. The other two males stood on each side of him and the females behind Jen.

River of Blood

They moved fast but carefully, all working together to pull Jen back up off the spike and do as little damage as possible. As they pulled Jen up off the spike, she screamed in pain. A torrent of blood erupted from her groin area as they dragged her away, leaving bits of flesh on the barbs and a trail of blood behind them like they were creating a river of blood. Jen was lightheaded but could hear they were being chased. The scarred lizard-man yelled out something, and they stopped; he picked Jen up and held her like you would a baby. They ran now. Much faster, Jen's consciousness came and went as it saw fit. Spikes of pain from being jostled put her back into the blackness of unconsciousness for a second every few seconds. Reaching the far side of the cavern and being chased by what sounded like the whole horde of angry lizardfolk, they burst through some hanging mats blocking an opening.

WHAM the Sun Blinded Jen, and she groaned in pain, turning her head and pressing her face into the scarred lizard-man's chest, but they ran on. Before long, Jen could feel there was something terribly wrong with her. Her mouth was dry as a bone; she was dizzy and lightheaded. She was cold despite the extreme heat beating down on them from the very bright sun above, and it was getting worse rapidly. Jen could still hear the shouts of the lizard-folk giving chase across the hot sand behind them.

Looking up, Jen was shocked to see there was a planet in the sky that looked as though it was half on fire and what looked like a black hole. Between the black hole and the sun and between the black hole and the planet. There were streams, wisps of what Jen could only guess were parts being pulled off the sun and planet. Jen said, "What the hell? Well..., fuck me, that's definitely, not a good sign!" The Lizard-man eyed her but kept running.

Desert of Death.

Putting that out of her mind to address the more significant issue, she looked up at the lizard-man carrying her, then patted his chest. Then again, a bit harder, and he looked down. Jen Motioned to her private areas where the pain was coming from, and the lizard-man looked down. He slightly spread her legs and grimaced at what he saw. Jen felt embarrassed, pressing her face into his chest and covering her face with her hands. The scarred one followed the trail of blood that was dribbling at a steady pace out of Jen. Down to the sand and out behind them; he grimaced again. The lizard-man seemed to think for a few steps, then he yelled out something. But Jen had been wrapped in darkness yet again by this time. The lizard-man slapped Jen across the cheek, leaving four very shallow scratches on her face.

Jen's eyes popped open again; there was one of the females looking her over as they ran on. Jen whined to herself mentally; she had wished they were stopped somewhere by now. The female handed the lizard-man a large thick chunk of cloth and said some stuff, then motioned at Jen's "leak" and moved a few steps away. The lizard-man said slowly and clearly to Jen, "En mut ock voondin, ohn lutn blaken, fogen'm En unst." Jen stared up at him with a blank expression and then frowned, not knowing in the slightest what that meant. The lizard-man grimaced again, and Jen thought, "Oh god, what is he going to do?" He spread Jen's legs a bit and placed the cloth over the gaping wound and with his hand pressed down. Jen's body tensed as the pain spiked, and she groaned in pain but understood now what he had meant. Jen began feeling warm and fuzzy and then slipped away into the blackness of unconsciousness. Once again, she fell into the darkness of the void.


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