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C10 ~Into the void, we go

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

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Once the changeling's hand's fully connected, the force of the hit through Jen across the room. She flew backward, spinning. Clipping the couch as she flew over it, she whacked her head on the wood that ran along the top of the sofa. Already dizzied, she smashed into the front rooms bay windows behind the couch, almost going all the way through it. The broken glass gashed and slashed her back and sides, from her neck down to her ankles, cutting her up, adding even more wounds to her already long list of injuries she was sporting.

As Jen hung there, holding on to the inside of the window seal with her hands and feet. Her butt, back, and thighs were all hanging over the edge outside. Jen and her mom had spent a week last year, making improvements around the house, which had been one of her mom's handyworks. Jen and her mom regularly sat in these bay windows watching the sun go down or reading a book, and now it's ruined. Jen grimaced in pain and irritation at the fact but being unsure she would even be able to pull herself back in due to the pure exhaustion she felt now, She tried to put that out of her mind. Jen struggled to pull herself up and inside again. The changeling roared with laughter, allowing her to slowly pull herself back in, cutting her hands up severely and leaving a trail of blood and bloody handprints in the process on the nice, clean, white padded pillow in the bay windows. All the while, the changeling roared with laughter at her agony and pain.

Jen's shoes had come off in the process of flying like a ragdoll across the room. Her socks were fast becoming soaked with blood running freely down her legs now. In what seemed not like streams, but rivers of blood at this point. It was also dripping from Jen's hands and her cheeks, along with an untold number of other locations. Slowly moving forward with the sound of stickiness coming from each step she took, she began focusing the little amount of rage she had left. Thinking of the ruined bay window sitting area pillow that her mom had done up. As well as the window itself now completely destroyed.

She concentrated on slowing the bleeding, knowing that if she could not stop, or at least slow the blood flow, judging by the trail of blood she was leaving as she crossed the living room, she would pass out soon, well before the appointed time she needed to reach. And that would equal game over for her.

The changeling stepped back, giving her room to advance. Jen's shirt was more all over the living room than it was on her by this time. With just rags left hanging off of her, what little was left was thoroughly blood-soaked and was just getting in her way. Jed tore off what remained of her shirt and threw it on the floor, out of the way by where the older man was. Who was still fast asleep. It landed with a splat, spraying blood in all directions across the wood floor. Jen then quickly tore off her blood-soaked socks and threw them over by her tattered shirt as well. All the while, the changeling was taunting her and cackling.

The changeling watched and snickered at her as she then tore away bits of cloth hanging from her pants. Her pants were wholly and utterly blood-soaked by this time as well. All the while, she was attempting to heal, buying time to try and slow the bleeding. The changeling seemed to be enjoying taunting her, and that gave her the time she needed.

Now three-fourths of the way naked with mostly raw wounded flesh showing, Jen looked over at the clock and noted there were only about 20 minutes left, just 20 more minutes, she thought to herself, just 20 more minutes. Seeing her distracted and evidently done with the taunts. The changeling cut right fast then back left, swinging at Jen, but Jen was significantly more recovered than she was showing. And was ready for the attack, summonsing her shield just in time to barely block the first blow with the edge and sliding it slightly up and off away. The attacking arm slid out and away, leaving his side wide open for just a fraction of a second. Jen saw her opportunity to start paying him back.

smaller psychic bolt

She fired psychic bolts with her free hand. Bam bam bam; then she fired bam bam bam again. The six bolts of pink psychic energy went flying one after another, slamming into the changeling's exposed side. With a roar, the changeling twisted in pain, staggering back a step. As the changeling turned, showing its back to her. She followed with her shield raised and continued to fire. Repeatedly she landed hits as he attempted to block and swipe them away. But shot after shot connected almost as many as he stopped smashed into his body. She advanced and kept firing at open spots in his defense. Two over here, knowing he would block them. Then two over there while he stopped the first two. Over and over bam bam bam, bam bam, bam bam, bam bam bam.

Then it happened, in an instant, in no more than a blink of your eye, the back was the front, and her shield was facing the changeling's now left arm. As though in slow motion, Jen scanned left to find his right arm, but it was already moving, and it was too late; Jen's eyes bulged. The right arm had changed into a 3-Inch-wide jagged blade. Jen froze for half a second seeing it coming out of the corner of her eye and being completely unable to do anything about it at all. In a fraction of a second, it tore into Jen's left side below her ribs. Jen thought to herself, "NO! It was a damn trap!" She could hear and feel her ribs breaking and cracking as it tore through her coming out just below her right arm on her right side. Up into the air, she went hoisted high by the changeling; Jen's mind went foggy and, she couldn't breathe; what was happening?

blood chin

Jen's head swam, the walls danced again with the shadows in the room like a sick joke. She coughed, and blood splattered everywhere and dribbled down her chin. Hanging there in mid-air, the massive blade impaling her, she could feel the cold creeping into her core. Or was that the blood flowing out of her and down the changeling's arm now a blade? What does it even matter? She thought as her eyes began to become extremely heavy. I'm done for, god, what a way to die...

She could not tell what was happening; everything was so blurry. The changeling was roaring with pleasure; it had beaten her and would be free again! Jen scratched and tore at her throat as blood filled her lungs and mouth. She knew she was dying; at that moment, she remembered what her mom had told her, "YOU MUST GO ON! No matter what, You Must Go On!" With her mom's words ringing in her head, she summoned all the little strength she had left and spit as much blood as she could muster down onto the changeling's pale blue clean eyeless face.

The blood covered almost his entire head, surprised; he gagged and shuttered in disgust, dropping Jen back to the ground and retracting his arm to help wipe the blood off his face. He screamed in anger, repeatedly gagging as he franticly wiped the blood away.

Jen stood for a second on her own two legs, blood pouring out of both sides of her. She could tell she had about 2-3 seconds before her legs ultimately gave out, and with one final act, Jen thought to herself, "If I'm going down, so are you." She pooled all the power she could, taking a step forward. She punched and delivered all the energy she could muster into the face of the changeling. Everything she had at that moment was in that one punch.

psychic ray.

It erupted like a volcano; this was not a bolt; this was a stream of pure energy. The energy flowing out of her fist sounded like a semi-truck using its engine brakes coming into town. The stream of pure energy shot out and through his head. It was like the beam of a flashlight in the dark. Streaming through the living room into the kitchen. Through the kitchen wall out into the back yard and up into the skyline. The changeling dropped to the floor with a thud. Where his head had been now, there was only a smoking stump. Jen stared at the missing head. The air smelled like ozone, electricity, and burnt hair. Then she noticed the head started to slowly regrow. She said, Well... Shit... Jen's vision began to dim; looking over at the clock, she saw the clock's second-hand snap from 12:59 to 1:00 AM. Jen thought to herself, "Just One more minute; I can hold on for just one more minute. I just have to hold on for one more minute." Slowly she fell backward, she landed hard on her back, and blood splattered out in all directions, staining the walls even more than they already were.

Spitting and sputtering, gagging and gasping for air as the blood gurgled up and out of her mouth, running down the sides of her cheeks, the blood sprayed everywhere as she was fighting as hard as she could to stay alive. Jen looked over towards the older man reaching out towards him with one of her hands for help with pleading in her eyes, but the older man sat against the wall, hands over his face, unable to watch her demise come to fruition.

The changeling sat up slowly, pushing itself up so its half-regrown head could see Jen. It's not quite so booming much higher-pitched voice said, "Not Today Missy!", With his left hand, the changeling made a sign and flash; a blinding white light flashed into the room, lighting every corner for a fraction of a second. Jen blinked, shaking her head to try and clear her vision, then another flash, this one hurt her eyes a LOT more than the first, and she closed them, just for a second. Jen's stomach did a butterfly, and with that, she was falling.

Jen's eyes popped open as she screamed out in surprise, then choked and gagged; she was falling into a six-foot round hole that had opened under where she had been laying. Jen caught the grin plastered on the eyeless figure's half-sized face leaning over the shaft as she flailed at the air, falling into the blackness of the void below.


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