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C1 - Xalathain The Forgotten.

-This is the Beginning of "Xalathain The Forgotten"-

Reworked 12/1/2018


Here we see a twenty-something-year-old young lady going by the name Lucy. This young lady was moving to a new city to take a job at a firm that had contracted her while she was still in college. She had many offers while at college as she was very talented but had picked this one as it was close to where her parents lived, Only one town over. Having a very in-depth relationship with her parents despite having her mother's pessimistic outlook, she wanted to stay close to home so she would be able to continue coming home for Sunday dinner as her and her siblings had done their whole lives to-date. Besides her entire family lived in that one town, so taking a job not in that town even with it only being one town over was still breaking the mold just a bit.

Having found a property online, that was right outside of the new town at a steal of a price due to the old man that had lived there had died and their family not wanting to go through a long and lengthy process to get it sold at the highest price possible. Lucy was shocked and yet thrilled at getting the property seeing as she had only offered a bit over half of the original listing price and it was accepted almost instantly.

The property consisted of a large two-story house with a connected garage along with a few outbuildings all of which needed painting, but at the price she had got the house at, she could afford to have them all painted. The home also sat on an enormous 25-acre plot mostly covered in trees, this Lucy thought was just a bonus.

Having never seen the place other than loads and loads of pictures the realtor had sent she had made the plunge before even seeing it in person, due to them accepting so quickly at such a low price after having it inspected thoroughly with no nasty surprises coming out during the inspection she went ahead. Arriving at the house via a back-dirt road, she turned into the long freshly rocked driveway. There where wrought iron gates connected to red brick columns on each side of the roadway and they were open already as Lucy was meeting the realtor at the house. As she turned into the path and passed through the wrought iron gates, Lucy said "Oh... My...", The brightness of the granite rocks that were all white and glittery catching the sunlight and throwing it this way and that way in a fantastic display was breathtaking, it crunched under the tires of her car as she rolled forward slowly still having all their sharp edges evidently due to being laid only a few days ago. The path was lined with trees on both sides starting just a few feet from either side of the road. All the trees were lined up in rows this allowed you to look down the row and see quite some distance. The foliage from the trees seems to be merged almost wholly into a canopy causing the ground to be much darker to the left and right of the road then the sky would suggest it should be.

The contrast between the bright rocks and the dark earth was beautiful and then at the end of it was the house that needed painting "Akk!" Lucy exclaimed, "They better get out here and get that painted soon it's messing up the view," Pausing for a moment she had to Laugh at herself thinking of what she had paid for the place.

Reaching the house, her realtor was waiting, after some talking and final paperwork signing, they shook hands and parted ways. Lucy having the keys now headed in to check out the house. Having seen it in a hundred different images, it was still not the same as seeing it in person. It was even better then she had thought. Sure, there was stuff here and there that needed fixing, it was not perfect, but again at the price she had paid, she could afford to have some work done on it.

Getting her bearings, finding her room, the bathrooms, the kitchen, the living room, the library and so on she sat down on the front porch stairs to await the movers. "They should not be that far behind me, maybe fifteen minutes. I'll enjoy the outdoors for a bit while I wait." As time passed Lucy could hardly sit still, ten minutes in she could not bear it anymore and went to her car to retrieve her laptop. Remembering that she did not have any internet set up yet, "Oh ya, that will be installed tomorrow." She got her phone out and turned on the hotspot and connected her laptop. Messing around for another fifteen minutes she checked the time. They were running slow, "Humm," Lucy said to herself. Looking up the number she called the movers, she remembered seeing them at the last stop before getting here, and they had even talked for a moment "Where could they be?".

Talking with the movers, they informed her that not long after she left, they had started to follow, but there had been a wreck right in front of them. A car had lost control, swerved right then back left crashing into the side of a truck transporting compressed gas cylinders. By this time Lucy had her hand over her mouth, and a look of horror was on her face. They continued. The car had smashed into the side of the truck had pushed it to the left into the concrete median, the front left tire had gone up the concrete and flipped the truck over on top of the car. Crashing down on top of it had broken some of the containers and started a fire. Lucy Stood up and began to pace back and forth on the small front porch. The Mover told her that a massive fireball erupted, and the canisters started going off like rockets, this way, and that way.

One of them came flying right at the cab of their truck; Lucy Shouted "NO!" and we bailed out just as it smashed through the windshield. It went halfway through the back and lodged spewing fire out the backend before exploding a minute later. The entire truck is on fire along with the whole highway finished the mover. We are just sitting here on the side of the road while they try to put out the flames.

Lucy Yelled "WHAT THE FUCK! THAT WAS EVERYTHING I OWNED!" The Mover Replied, "What do you want me to say, we were almost killed, and there was nothing we could do, it's not our fault, it's not our fault!" Lucy Screamed and through her phone as hard as she could out over the lawn and sank to the ground starting to cry.

After some time, Lucy picked herself up angrily, newly invigorated and got in her car. As she sped down her driveway, she thought "I haft to see this for myself, the guys probably just stole my stuff, and if that's the case, I'll need to fill out a police report." But within only a few moments she could already see the smoke in the distance. Getting closer she could see the highway was down to one lane and everything the mover had said was almost certain to be true. Devastated again she started to cry once more and took the exit before the wreck not even wanting to see her stuff burning or the movers.

Lucy drove around for a while devastated, then stopped at a few stores while she was in town and picked up some basics she would need. Now that almost everything she owned except what she had in her car was gone she would at some point need to replace things like her bed, furniture and so on, but for now, the basics would due, she just needed to be done with this day.

Heading home, she felt dead inside like there was a void in her soul, she had turned off her emotions so she could stop crying. Arriving home, she thought of how she had felt the first time she arrived compared to how she felt now and wished she could go back in time.

Lucy ate a mostly canned meal, thinking back to when she was picking this stuff up she felt she must have looked like a crazy person walking through the stores and just randomly bursting out in crying fits. She shook her head in disgust, that's an excellent first impression to leave on the locals. Lucy found her phone out in the yard and then got out the new sleeping bag and pillow Lucy had picked up at the store and went to bed in the library. The next morning, she was still agitated and so decided to explore more of the house. After a few hours of looking at old stuff as much of the contents of the house except the big things were left, she went out to have a look around outside.

Looking around in the outbuildings and finding all kinds of odd and strange old stuff, growing board she started to walk out across the backyard grass, it was a large backyard with no trees in it and would need to be mowed regularly she thought. Moving on, away from the house out of the yard with no real direction or purpose in mind she just wandered along through the woods. The trees slowly got denser as she went on and soon it was more of a real forest she was in than the ones out front she noted. They were not all lined up they seemed to have grown more naturally. It was a beautiful day, and the trees were teeming with life, all kinds of sounds came from all directions. The musty smell of wood and foliage hung in the air as a lite breeze rustled the leaves of the trees up above. Lucy was beginning to feel happy again. She could see how despite the tragedy of losing all her stuff this property could be one of the best things to ever happen to her, it was, by any account breathtakingly beautiful here.

Walking along a small brook, Lucy Noticed a clearing up ahead with a rather large mound in the middle of it that had to be six or eight feet tall. What an odd thing to see in the middle of the woods Lucy thought to herself and set out to investigate. As she approached, a feeling of excitement grew inside of her; she noted what looked like a small hole about a foot wide on the side of the mound. Approaching she looked in, and to her surprise, it was not just any old hole, there was light coming from deep inside, and she could see somewhat looked like old and weathered stone blocks. She Pulled at the edge of the hole; it crumbled away with ease. Feverishly Lucy began to work as she became frantic to clear a path. A few moments later she stood there brushing off the dirt from her clothes and surveyed her handy work, with her hands shaking from the adrenaline, she clasped her hands together in an attempt to calm them and herself. An entrance about the size of the average person was now open in front of her.

She Approached and slowly entered, her whole body was now trembling. As she entered the newly created doorway, she stopped to let her eyes adjust to the darker conditions inside of whatever this was. She could see there was a set of shelves to the right of the entrance she had created and what looked like a hallway ahead. The ceiling, walls, and floor where all made of that stone she had seen from outside, though there was a lot of dirt and dust as well as cobwebs everywhere covering everything. Lucy moved forward through the hall and came to a doorway leading off to the right, peering into the darkness it was too dark to see anything down that way, and so she moved on thinking she will have to check that out later when she had a flashlight. Continuing down the hall, she arrived at the doorway that had the light coming from it she entered and rounded the corner noting it was much brighter in here; this was due to streams of hazy light coming in through a crack that ran the length of the long room in front of her. Standing there as her eyes adjusted, she was able to make out what looked like three high backed chairs, that looked like they could be thrones. As she moved forward and fended off the cobwebs that assaulted her with every step, she noted that two of the thrones where empty but one of them seemed to have a figure in it, sitting upright and rigid like a statue. Lucy gasped as she grew closer and was able to see it more clearly.

It looked like a solid gold statue sitting in what looked like a carved stone throne eyes closed; relaxed palms face down on the arms of the throne. Brushing away the cobwebs and dust to get a better look at what Lucy had found she coughed due to the dirt as she continued to sweep it away. After one particularly severe bout of coughing that had caused her to close her eyes while coughing, Lucy found that she could not move her left hand, the one that had been brushing off the dust from the arm. Something was clamped onto her wrist, and it hurt. She cried out and opened her eyes to see two glowing gold eyes staring at her; the statues head was now only inches away from her face as it had moved forward from where it had been. Lucy began to sink to her knees due to the pain and the sheer horror. Lucy cried out "YOU'RE HURTING ME," and instantly the grip on her arm was released. Falling the rest of the way to the floor and holding her left arm carefully she scooted back and away inch by inch, back to the wall behind her. The Gold statue followed her progress with its head still forward. Then slowly the head of the figure retracted, and it was sitting upright again like before, but the glowing eyes were still locked on her.

Lucy could not move or look away from the eyes that were still boring into her. The figure seemed to be female as it had breasts and seemed maybe to have long hair.

A scratchy weak voice that seemed far away came forth as the mouth of the statue opened. "Come forward child and let me touch your skin I beg of you, I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you." Lucy did not move for a moment, then said: "Ya, well that's exactly, what some monster that wants to eat me would say." Struggling to get up with her bum wrist the mouth opened again. "I can fix the damage I have done, please come forward," Lucy Responded: "No way Man, err thing, err WHATEVER YOU ARE!" Starting to shuffle out the way she came in she heard. "Please, Child, don’t leave me alone, I have been alone for so very, very long. Please! I Beg of you to Stay just a few moments longer."

Turning Lucy Stared at them glowing eyes that where pleading with her to come back. Without even thinking she began to move back into the room with the thrones in it.

Coming close she stood transfixed on them glowing eyes that tracked every move she made. For the life of her, she could not tear her eyes away from them; They were just so beautiful... She wanted to touch this beautiful golden thing; she had to feel it... Placing her hand on the right hand of the figure almost instantly her knees began to weaken, a few moments later she became dizzy, her vision closed to a tunnel, she stumbled backward, then fell hitting her head on the stone door frame. Softly she could hear, "I'm sorry Lucy, I'm sorry... I had to..." the figure said as her vision dimmed and then went out... A warmth spread from the back of her head down her neck and then Lucy drifted off into the void...


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