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Updated: Apr 10, 2021

-This is the beginning of "Jen, The Flute And The Eyeless Figure"-


Intro: A young girl is thrown into an initially unthinkable reality to her just a short time ago. Jen will do anything to survive this nightmare no matter what it costs. No matter how much pain she must endure. No matter the distance she must travel, nothing will stop Jen from getting home to her mother.

But are we really sure that's true? Maybe that is just what Jen tells herself. What will this journey do to Jen? Will it change her? Will she still be the same Jen that was separated from her mother? Or will she end up returning, if at all completely differently? If so, in what way? Would you like to know more?



Most people referred to Jennifer as Jen. She was like any other ordinary girl, with some exceptions. For one, she was quite beautiful and very well endowed in all the compelling ways; this made her quite popular with the shallow, I'm better than everyone else crowd at her school. Also, on top of that, Jen had joined the band class last year. She played the flute that she found in her house's attic the previous year rather than buying a new instrument. Her mom could not afford to buy her one, so it worked out well this way.

Her mom had told her that her grandfather had passed down the flute to her dad when he died. After finding this out, she has held on to it ever since and wouldn't let anyone even near it. Last year in a very gruesome accident, a drunk driver had killed her dad. Jen took it very hard as they had been very close. Missing almost an entire year of school due to falling into a deep state of depression. After returning somehow through sheer will, she had worked long and hard to catch back up in her studies to be back in the same grade as her classmates. She was now on par to graduate with the rest of her class despite missing so much of it last year. Jen would be 18 in only a few days from now.

We now join her, having stayed after band practice today to talk to her "Nerdy" friends as they were sure the more popular kids would not allow them to attend her party. Jen had put one foot in both worlds, and both wanted her to commit fully to them and forget the other. Reassuring them that she would talk to the other kids and make sure they understood she wanted them to come, and all would be ok. Jen headed home, walking about a mile and a half home from school, depending on the route taken to where her house was; The evenings that Jen had practice. Kent, her mom's new boyfriend, had offered to pick her up as he gets off work around 4 PM, but she liked to walk, and so she had always turned him down every time he had offered. She thought he was only offering to impress her mom anyway, so she didn't believe it was that big of a deal if she turned him down. Jen Loved to walk home as the sun was starting to set, the fresh air allowed her to think, and the sky was almost always a beautiful color.

Today Jen decided to swing by the new construction site that had popped up on an empty lot to see how far they had come along in the last few days. And maybe even try to guess what it was going to be. Walking along beside the fence they had put up, she tried to peek over it where she could. The chain-link fence was lined with tarps, making it hard for her to see inside. Gawking for a while, she noticed the shadows were getting long; she thought she should probably stop messing around and get home.

Eyeless figure

She was rounding the corner at the end of the block when she came upon a glowing ghostly figure hovering there. She froze in place; The brilliant shape had its back to her and did not seem to notice that she had come around the corner. The figure had no legs; it was just floating there in mid-air. The entire spooky figure was radiating a very light blue light and casting shadows radiating out from it. Jen was not sure what to do. Was she seeing this, or maybe she had finally gone off the deep end? Deciding not to take any chances, Jen started to back up slowly, one step at a time. Then she stepped on a rock, and it made a slight grinding noise; Jen winced and froze in place.

The other-worldly figure turned around slowly and fixed its empty eye sockets on her; Jen was Horrified at the site of the eyeless sockets. Where the eerie figure should have eyes, there was nothing—just a black void of nothingness. Then with a screech, the frightening figure was moving, lunging forward at her with an unbelievable rate of speed, its arms outstretched fingers clawing at the air. Without even thinking, Jen pulled her grandfather's old flute from her bag, ducking slightly under its arms and side-stepping. She could feel the air woosh as the claws hardly missed her head. She struck the figure's side as it flew by her missing due to the side-step. A glowing white nasty ooze gushed out of its side, and it toppled over, landing on the dirt beside the sidewalk; as it lay there, it seemed to melt away, soaking into the soil.

Surprised, Jen looked down at the flute then up at the melting figure on the ground that was not nearly as frightening now. "Huh, Well, How about that!" Jen exclaimed as the last of it melted away. The light that whatever it was had been casting had faded away; the shadows were now closing in again. Jen hurried home, knowing if her mom noticed she was this late, she would be getting an ear full.

Arriving home without further incident, her mom and Kent were waiting for her seating at the dining room table, muttering to each other probably about her. They both looked up at her as she entered disapprovingly. Kent checked his watch, then looking at her; he arched one eyebrow. Throwing her backpack on the couch as she passed it, she plopped down at the table to eat. Through mouthfuls of food, much to her mother's dismay, Jen relayed the event that had transpired. Her mother's eyes bulged, and horrified, she looked from Jen to Kent and then back to Jen, "Well, you have always had a great imagination..." Jen's mom said a bit sheepishly; all the while, Kent just smiled politely. Jen noticed he didn't even seem to see her mom's uneasiness, like nothing had happened at all. "Well, what do you think, Kent? What would you say it was?" Jen said, ignoring her mother's attempt to cover it up and move on.

Unwavering, Kent replied, "Honestly, I don't know Jen, I've never seen anything like that. Maybe it was a ghost? What do you think?" Jen's mom whisked Kent away into the kitchen about this time. Jen could hear them arguing. Jen caught only snippets like, "…you can't be encouraging her like that!" Not wanting to endure further ridicule and uneasiness, Jen finished her food quickly and headed up to her room before they came back from the kitchen.

Getting to work on her homework, sitting cross-legged on her bed, She stopped and stared at the flute; what was that thing? Was it a Ghost like Kent had suggested? And if it was, Why did the flute hurt it? Unable to help herself, she lay back and let her imagination run wild with the possibilities. Before she knew it, she had drifted off to sleep.

As Jen drifted off to sleep, she felt a cold chill creep over her body, rolling over; she pulled the cover with her turning herself into what you may think of when you hear the term. [Pigs in a Blanket]


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